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  • Hi FlyHighUSA,
    I have a M100 with an x3 and a secondary N1 Video encoder(not installed). you seems to know the M100 really well so I was hoping I could ask you a question. Do you know if it is possible to have the N1 installed on the M100 to provide a switchable second camera ?
    You seem very knowledgable and I have a question. I update my I1 to 1.9v and had too many issues, I downgraded to 1.8v and the issues have seemed to go away, but I left my RC firmware alone. With the AC on 1.8v firmware, what should the RC firmware be? Your help is greatly appreciated.
    I'm in the market for the DJI Zenmuse XTR Advanced Radiometry Thermal Imaging Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal (640, 30Hz).

    Do you have these for sale?

    What is the price?

    Will you take a credit card order over the phone from a government agency?

    I am interested in buying a Matrice 600 if it will work well with my Nikon D810 and Nikon lenses. Please let me know what problems I would face if I bought the Matrice 600 and tried to fly the D810.
    Hi me too.
    i would like to modify 4 TB48 and connect to etch 2 TP2700 6SP+25C FROM Thunder Power in parallel .
    i need from you the 4 TBs with the mod.


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