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Recent content by Moleyb

  1. Moleyb

    Change Aircraft Name

    DJI have their brightest developers working on this feature as we speak. Last time I spoke to them they told me you wont be able to manually change the name, but it will generate a new name based on all your connected social media profiles. The expected completion date will be mid 2025, to...
  2. Moleyb

    Announcement, March 1st.........

    Great thanks for the info. Thought as much.
  3. Moleyb

    Announcement, March 1st.........

    Yes I have watched several of the videos, but no I didn't really get a definitive answer. I know that the avoid is used alongside Active Track, but it doesn't mention whether its using the sensors or the camera as far as I could see. Care to point me to a point in the video?
  4. Moleyb

    Announcement, March 1st.........

    Any one know whether the 'Active Track' system from the P4 uses just the camera, or does it need the object avoidance sensors as well? Just wondering, if it only used the camera and the App then could it potentially be compatible with the Inspire?
  5. Moleyb

    Announcement, March 1st.........

    This looks quite promising, better battery times and automated tracking. Would be better if the obstacle avoidance was 360 degrees though, I can see a lot of people doing an arc around a subject and the drone smashing into an obstacle on its side.
  6. Moleyb

    Announcement, March 1st.........

    It was about 2 weeks ago. I then got the call from them last Wednesday. Anyway, this is off topic, so should wrap it up.
  7. Moleyb

    Announcement, March 1st.........

    There was an email to all DJI owners asking for feedback. Worth checking your email/junk folders. Basically you just submit your contact details and then they ring you up. Surprisingly, I thought it would just be a customer service person, but it turns out I was speaking to one of the people...
  8. Moleyb

    Announcement, March 1st.........

    I took part in that DJI customer survey the other day and got a call from China. They were asking for feedback on the app specifically about the social sharing and video editing aspects. I gave them a piece of my mind regarding this forums feeling on the social sharing crap and other needless...
  9. Moleyb

    No SD Card

    I know this is an old thread, just wanted to chip in with my findings. I was having trouble with the Inspire X3 camera often saying 'No SD Card' when the card was perfectly readable on other devices. As is mentioned above, reformatting the card sometimes worked, but not always. Its worth...
  10. Moleyb

    Low light settings for Osmo???

    Yeah, I've tried the OSMO in low light and the results are crap. Basically the same with the X3 for the inspire. They just don't have a big enough sensor to handle low light. There are plugins you can get to remove grain in post though, NeatVideo is one. What good low light examples have...
  11. Moleyb

    UK I1 owners

    Ah nice, yeah we should definitely meet up. Id love to see these other Octocopters Matt mentioned you were building. Ill PM you so we don't hyjack this thread.
  12. Moleyb

    UK I1 owners

    Yeah I'm keen for a meet up. By any chance did you do your PFAW with Resource Group up in Cwmbran? My name's Mike and I was with Matt from Aerial Cornwall.
  13. Moleyb

    Autopilot Waypoint Mode

    I agree DJI ground station looks like a good starting point. My view is that there's 2 purposes for waypoints. 1) videography and Would love to see: - Visual GUI based around a map (cachable) - Ability to have complete control of the drone and camera settings at each waypoint (height...
  14. Moleyb

    FreeSkies released on October.

    Just in case anyone is interested, I asked some of the burning questions I had on their FB page: 1) Where is all the 3D data from? I'm guessing you haven't mapped the entire world. Therefore, is this only available for certain locations initially? 2) Why does it seem you can only get this App...
  15. Moleyb

    FreeSkies CoPilot app

    I don't understand, have they mapped the whole world in 3D? I didn't see them down my way?! And also, when it says 'Buy from our store' it takes you to the DJI store?