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  • I cannot seem to figure out how to post a question from my phone.

    Inspire1 Pro rotates camera view on gimble when pilot moves sideways right and left, even without second controller, cannot stop it. How do I post this question and get answers ?
    I can't find a delete account button and also cannot figure out how to PM somebody. If you could delete my account that would be great. Thanks
    We had a fourm member post a inspire pro & osmo handle for sale for $2500.00 I payed him for the setup and am still being jerked around for the osmo handle it will be two weeks this Sunday.it took him over a week just to ship me the inspire pro.all I got was bull **** stories.now after 25 Tex messages on his cell all I get back is nothing.his handle is (will&Jay) William Credle
    Hi There OI Photo,

    I am new to the forum. Own a P3P and want to upgrade to Inspire 1. I am confused at the diff in price between single and dual remote versions of the Inspire 1 (sometimes $2,000 more!).

    Shouldn't the price of dual remote Inspire = single remote inspire + cost of an extra remote?
    Which specific i-pads/other monitors recommended should I use with the dji inspire 1 quardcopter? please help.
    Scott here from Franklin TN... Have ordered Inspire One... Hoping I made right decision..
    Have long have you owned yours? Are you happy with your investment?
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