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Recent content by Ryan Van Scotter

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    Has anyone received a "Visibility" waiver for less than 3nm?

    Thanks LP, and let me rephrase my approval. The waiver was approved for combined airspace where two class D airspaces overlap, Long Beach and Los Alamitos. Originally I posed the question, should I add a visibility waiver in case of morning fog. Most of the opinions and responses were based on...
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    USA State laws or FAA who do I follow?

    I feel your pain. Make no mistake about it the FAA has declared a war on drones, making it incredibly difficult, timely and costly to do much of anything. I was excited for 5 minutes when the DJI spark was announced because I thought just maybe it was under .55 lbs. but nope it's .65 lbs...
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    Taking your Drone to Belize

    Utterly ridiculous!
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    USA State laws or FAA who do I follow?

    For a better understanding of privacy, or taking pictures of people in public, go to professional photography forums, then tend to be more informative and accurate. Generally speaking, taking the photo isn't the issue its what you do with it afterwards.
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    a company buying a drone and using only filming for themselves only

    I mean Yes, sorry I was confused by "The Editor" talking about countries... But it has nothing do with being beneficial for the company, Business jets owned by a company operate under part 91. The owners can fly the jet without a commercial rating just a IFR and type rating will suffice...
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    $499 DJI Spark Announced Today - Shipping Mid June

    At .65 lbs it doesn't even elude the .55 lbs restriction :(
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    Inspire 1 Display image problems with I-Pad 2 mini

    I have the same issue. I have an iPad mini 1 that can't support the video and is almost completely useless. My iPad mini 2 seems better but still has issues. The issue seems to be more recent, a year ago I didn't have these problems, so I'm wondering if it is a firmware issue from either Apple...
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    USA Part 107 Night Waiver Question

    So you're saying make it Army proof!
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    FAA Restricts Drone Operations Over Certain Military Bases, (handy map included)

    I used "App Icons" to create a iPhone link on my phone, surprisingly it works great and loads fast. I'm almost surprised how well it's working.
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    Fantastic, the FAA finally realized they ought to share the criteria they use to evaluate request.
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    USA Part 107 Night Waiver Question

    I think there looking for a bit more than "...using an anti-collision light". Maintaining VLOS is obtained (3) ways: 1) through the use of a anti-collision light... add details 2) the use of a visual over sever... 3) reduce the fly off distance and altitude to enable VLOS, aircraft orientation...
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    Domestic airline - how to travel with Inspire and batteries...?

    Depends on the drone, the batteries and how many of them? If I were to assume your talking about an Inspire, you can put a TB-47 or TB-48 in the drone and check it as luggage. The remaining batteries need to be carried on board. Carrying 4 TB-47 really isn't an issue, carrying 10 may. Most of...