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Recent content by Steve Ainscough

  1. Steve Ainscough


    Captain Badge has a simple valid question that only has one answer...you can't possibly have the same situational awareness. Drone Mastery has attempted a constructive and alternative response but has not, and cannot give the correct answer. End of story, now put the handbag down and enjoy safe...
  2. Steve Ainscough

    BNUC-S and PFAW in real World setting

    Hi Steve, I live in Helmshore, near Bolton, where are you? Steve A.
  3. Steve Ainscough

    Pilot App Crash Report (Latest versions)

    The Director App should be a separate download. I know the common shared app theory, but who is seriously going to use it. Don't clog up the Pilot App with this wasteful software.....I hope it is not why my Pilot app has started to crash so many times! Give us G R O U N D S T A T I O N, OK...
  4. Steve Ainscough

    Pilot App Crash Report (Latest versions)

    Done three flights in different locations since I updated my Nexus 7ii to the latest version, the app crashed (in flight) twice at each shoot...this never happened to me on previous software versions.....why now?
  5. Steve Ainscough


    Been testing the filters today at two separate locations, the ND16 made such a difference.....c I n e m a t I c and polished. If the Pilot app had not crashed twice at each location I would be a very happy bunny!
  6. Steve Ainscough

    Firmware v1.2.1.06 update issues

    Been out on two different shoots today, the 1.2.0 Android app crashed twice in each location while the copter was in the air. This did not happen on the previous version. To still be getting this type of bug is beyond me, DJI, please sort this out, it seems like one item is fixed and another one...
  7. Steve Ainscough

    What is next for the Inspire DJI ?

    The Inspire is due for some upgraded or new camera options, this will then differentiate the P3 from the Inspire. Come on DJI, or other third party suppliers such as the excellent www.DroneExpert.nl, ......get it on, there are buyers ready to throw even more hard earned money in this direction!
  8. Steve Ainscough

    Newbie. Would love your thoughts on these tests.

    Nice job, even colour balance/grading is quite a challenge, you have done a good job, moody/dramatic in parts. I fully agree with Jim Hare's comments in regard to length of show. Less is more for me, but if you are telling a story it is a challenge to cut out good shots for the sake of the...
  9. Steve Ainscough

    I love my bird...

    1. Design, 2. Engineering, 3. Stability, 4. Image quality, 5. Coolness Not in any particular order
  10. Steve Ainscough

    Case Choice

    While setup and tear down times are part of the gig, the process can be made smoother and faster by using a case that stores the Inspire 1 with the gear down. This also automatically reduces the wear and tear when removing and re-attaching the expensive camera gimbal. I am currently looking for...
  11. Steve Ainscough

    The Importance of Editing

    I thought the documentary demonstrated that you need to be a certain type of individual to be a editor. The term "sly politician" is used, I had not seen it that way before. It becomes apparent that the shape and content of most of the contemporary films over the past half century or more have...
  12. Steve Ainscough

    Quick Video Compiled From Practice Sessions

    Nice man, great quad eh
  13. Steve Ainscough


    Looking forward to receiving the set, should be dispatched today
  14. Steve Ainscough

    Helmshore, UK.

    Helmshore, UK.
  15. Steve Ainscough

    Highly unstable after switching modes

    There is a certain way of conducting yourself on a forum of this nature. Inquisitive-Yes, aggressive-No. We are all trying to enjoy and get the most out of this relatively new industry/hobby/job (hopefully). Proper sharing of information is what makes this place work, no need, or place for poor...