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Recent content by tapcon

  1. tapcon

    Inspire 1 for Sale with 1 TB47 and 3 TB48 Batteries(Philadelphia area)

    I am selling my Inspire 1 because I am sick and tired of all the crap I have been getting lately about flying it. I thought this would be a fun hobby, but I have gotten nothing but headaches from outsiders. Therefore... Asking $2,700, buyer pays for shipping 1 Inspire 1 1 Inspire RC 1 TB47...
  2. tapcon

    Here are a couple of new vids...

  3. tapcon

    Autopilot Beta Test

    I find it curious that you have been pushed back so long, and DJI just started their Beta testing for their next FW upgrade.
  4. tapcon

    For Sale: BRAND NEW Inspire 1... $2,400 (PA-Philly area)

    DJI replaced my crashed Inspire 1 with a brand new one. Therefore I am selling it because I had to buy a replacement unit while the first was one was sent in for repair, and I don't need two. I will ship at buyer's expense. Comes with one controller, a TB47 Battery and an extra set of QR props.
  5. tapcon

    Phantom 3 Battery NIB $135 shipped CONUS

    I finally received my second battery, however I no longer have a P3. So, as the title says, I'm selling a brand new Phantom 3 battery for $135 shipped anywhere in the continental US.
  6. tapcon

    Autopilot Beta Test

    I am so stoked to try this out! Thanks for all your efforts
  7. tapcon

    Compass calibration on a ship...

    I had gotten permission from the Captain prior to launching.
  8. tapcon

    Public Ignorance Really Pisses Me Off!!!!!!

    I'm not from that area. Was just up there for the wedding. I wasn't going to fly low or close. Just wanted some nice panoramic shots of the hotel and the wedding area.
  9. tapcon

    Public Ignorance Really Pisses Me Off!!!!!!

    So, I was just up at the Sagamore Resort on Lake George, NY for my friend's wedding. I was going to make a short video for him for a wedding present. Being a good samaritan, I announced my intentions to fly the I1 to the management so they knew what I was going to do. Unfortunately I was...
  10. tapcon

    Compass calibration on a ship...

    I just did a shoot off a moving vessel the other day. Despite everything telling me that this was a bad idea, I couldn't help making the attempt to see if it worked. Also, I was shooting for my friend's wedding (the boat cruise was for the rehearsal dinner). When I initialized the I1...
  11. tapcon

    Nice flying in National Park

    How ironic...I wanted to take some footage of the park and monuments there a couple of weeks ago. I called the Ranger's office to see if they would give me permission, but I got the "thanks but no thanks" answer. Hard to believe he filmed himself and posted it on YT.
  12. tapcon

    The Perfect 12" Lightning Cable

    Is that the 1 or 2 ft cable?
  13. tapcon

    Another First Video...Looking for CC

    Greetings All. This is the first video I have made with the Inspire 1. I used my DSLR for the time-lapse, a GoPro for the cockpit footage (that's me flying) and the Inspire 1 for all the aerial footage. This is also my first time using Final Cut Pro X. It was shot in 1080p at 60fps (which I...