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Recent content by tonycip

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    my first music video

    But if they needed a video I'm sure you would be available. glad to see capitalism working for you. anything for.. $$
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    Asked to sell footage. How much?

    is this video still up. with all the talk of how great it is . I would really like to see it.
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    Dronefly has the Inspire 1 :D

    could someone put up a link of the authorized dealers?
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    Finger hovering over the 'Buy' button.

    what is this "camo legs" you speak of? pic please
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    Finger hovering over the 'Buy' button.

    looks like you got the last one there web site says out of stock
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    New to quads

    or would you be better off spending your money on a good sim ? http://www.ebay.com/bhp/real-flight-rc-simulator if you crash and break you 100.00 quad how much did you learn?
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    Major vibration

    will someone put up the link to the service video showing how to do it the right way?
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    Holy crap! Have you guys seen this?

    I'm going to have to wear a welding helmet....:eek:
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    Reuters poll says 42% of Americans oppose private ownership of drones

    I agree you say drone and people think military weapon..Maybe we need to start calling our's something else. rc quad copters maybe.
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    Cool Thing I Learned From Flight Data

    nice video.. I'm trying to resist buying this for a couple months ..your not helping! quick question in your first flight video did you have line of sight through out that flight it looks far. thanks for sharing
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    A levelheaded approach to getting an Inspire 1, NOW

    I avoid apple products for this vary reason, I don't need Big Brother Apple telling me what I can and can not use. untill they get there approval money. I did buy an air 2 for this purpose. so call it a bootleg, call it what you want as long as it works..
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    Inspire's Have Arrived

    i'll look again thanks
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    Inspire's Have Arrived

    the site is still showing out of stock. any word on the 199.00 batteries?
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    Inspire's Have Arrived

    will they come with prop locks?