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Recent content by Tubbyengineer

  1. Tubbyengineer


    If you're not prepared to jump through the safety hoops then perhaps you should try something a little less risky to other people. The fact is without the "Geozone Bull" as you call it you'd probably be unable to fly your drone at all, since they'd be under far tighter restrictions, caused by...
  2. Tubbyengineer

    Mysterious underwater creature caught on drone video - what is it???

    I'm of the opinion that it's definetely a reflection of some kind, either a Halo as mentioned above - or some other object. The relative speed is too close to that of the drone to be anything but a reflection or optical phenomona... Sorry No guest spot for you on the Tinfoil Hat channels...:)
  3. Tubbyengineer

    REQ: Inspire1 v2.0, Inspire2 FFC ID#, TIA

    Yers it does - in fact both come up in the same listing - heres actual proof... Now you should probably apologise for being obnoxious...
  4. Tubbyengineer

    Panning and tilting Camera on Inspire

    It's actually not terribly complicated when you've seen it on the calculator - working with the 1 meter height is easiest then you just need to enter the following into the calculator... 1*(sin(63)/sin(27)) and hit equals, reverse the 27 and 63 to go the other way...
  5. Tubbyengineer

    Panning and tilting Camera on Inspire

    for the other way around (27 degrees below horizontal or 63 degrees elevation) it's 1.9626 meters
  6. Tubbyengineer

    Panning and tilting Camera on Inspire

    Just to clarify - the line A-B (or side c) would be the distance from the ground to the cameras centreline, Angle alpha would be 90, angle beta would be 27, line A-c (or side b) would be the distance from the camera to the point where the camera should aim and line C-B (or side a) would be the...
  7. Tubbyengineer

    Panning and tilting Camera on Inspire

    the only real way to do this is going to be geometry - Place the AC level and at a specific height (On a table or step ladder etc) then using a liitle maths work out where a line at 27 degrees from the centre of the camera's focal plane would intersect with the ground, make a mark at that point...
  8. Tubbyengineer

    Tablet for I2

    I was using an Galaxy tab and frankly the Android version of DJI GO just works better on an iPad, I'm now using a iPad pro as you can also use Autopliot on it - Litchi just didn't seem to cut it for me...
  9. Tubbyengineer

    Close call with an Inspire Drone from manned airplane.

    This is true, but if they're Military aircraft then a simple call to the airfield should get you through to someone who can tell you whether they're allowed to do this and will automatically trigger an investigation if they aren't allowed. Whether anything gets done is a different...
  10. Tubbyengineer

    Inspire 1 motor locked, How to unlock?

    As The Editor says you have faulty motors, the "Motor Locked" message is not a request to unlock them but an Error Message telling you that a motor is not rotating, you could strip the motors but from the sound of it your AC hit the ground really hard, new motors are the safest option, I'd also...
  11. Tubbyengineer

    Gadget hijacks nearly any drone mid-flight

    This doesn't apply to products with upgradeable firmware - as it clearly states in the article, a simple fimware upgrade will bypass his "Hack"...
  12. Tubbyengineer

    Close call with an Inspire Drone from manned airplane.

    Then you need Tail numbers and footage!, Pilots of manned aircraft breaking the rules should be punished just like drone pilots breaking the rules should be punished...
  13. Tubbyengineer

    Panning and tilting Camera on Inspire

    You'll need to have the AC ready to fly with the camera attached, once it is exit DJI Go then restart it and go to the remote control settings, Then open the top line "Remote control settings. The options should be there - if not, select Not Defined then try the option again - thats what worked...
  14. Tubbyengineer

    Panning and tilting Camera on Inspire

    The options are still there for setting C1/C2, they just got reset to unassigned after the update, just go into the DJI Go app and set them again...