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  1. Adamastor

    Inspire 1v1 - upgrade to 1v2 with components or buy new?

    Hey there everyone I have sort of "outgrown" my standard Inspire 1v1 with X3 camera, which is about 16 to 18 months old. My needs actually call for a Z3 camera (zoom) and most likely an XT camera (thermal) too, in the near future. 1. Do I upgrade my I1v1 with the I1v2 ESCs, motors, 1345T...
  2. Toan Doan

    Any Carbon Fibre 1345T Props?

    I've been looking for a new set of CF 1345T props for my I1 v2 but there seem to be none out there?! There are plenty CF 1345S but not sure why they dont make CF 1345T, unless I've been searching a wrong code...Anyone has any idea? Please help. Thanks
  3. D

    Trouble removing "white" CCW 1345T propellers after flying?

    After flying, I am having great difficulty removing the white CCW 1345T props. I can easily remove the red CW ones with only moderate hand pressure required to turn the locking mechanism. But turning that mechanism by hand to release the white ones after a flight is just about impossible . The...
  4. Gary Roberts

    Help! Need replacement blades for I1 v2 today near LAX!

    When I bought our I1, I also bought a bunch of replacement blades, but, mistakenly, I got the ones for I1 v1. And of course, I didn't notice that until it's time for an international trip. My coworker is flying out of LAX this evening. Is there anyone in the vicinity of LAX who may have a...
  5. D

    Props: 1345, 1345s, 1345T

    I know it's been discussed almost ad nauseum but I just wanted to check in on the latest consensus about the versions of props out there. I have a version D Inspire with the (then standard) 1345s props and related quick release brackets. It's sounding like the little cupped catches on the inside...