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autopilot autoflightlogic

  1. N

    AutoFlight Logic - Focus Mode Pattern Stragey Inspire

    Hi Ive recently bought the Autoflight Logic Auto Pilot App, and using it with the Inspire 1 Pro. I've watched the tutorials on their YouTube Channel which are excellent . I'm working my way through the modes of this great App. But now struggling with Focus Mode in Pattern Strategy. I was trying...
  2. B

    Had some issues with Autopilot, want to share how i fixed them!

    Actually, Autopilot is not the one to blame, but using it before the DJI GO app . So the thing is that i updated to latest fw (1.3 for remote and 1.4 for aircraft), and did NOT run an IMU calibration afterwards. I went to fly, and started the DJI GO app to exit travel mode, then closed the...
  3. Hangar

    Autopilot 2.0 Available in the App Store

    Autopilot v2.0 has been released to the App Store and is ready for download. We would like to thank all of the beta testers for your hard work and dedication. You have helped make Autopilot safer and better for everyone. We need your help! Autoflight Logic is a software startup based in Austin...