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  1. M

    Inspire 1 tb48 battery

    Like new, rarely used batteries in white. Have 2 available, left over from when I had my Inspire 1 v.2.0 I sold my Inspire 1 about 2 month ago, and batteries were fully charged at that time. Removed 2 batteries from the sale to accommodate a price reduction in my sale. I don't have the # of...
  2. TransArctic

    DJI GO not connecting Inspire 1, when using a particular TB48 battery.

    When using one of my TB48 batteries, DJIGO app won’t connect with the Inspire 1. When this happens, I remove, inspect and put the gimbal back on - making sure it’s all very clean, etc., then restart the Inspire 1- but to no avail. However when I replace the battery (in question) with another...
  3. R

    Battery Voltage Difference too large.

    Got this message yesterday. "Battery Voltage Difference too large". Look down and saw that 1 battery was at 85% and the other at 8%. I was only 20 ft in the air so I brought it down in front of me to land and then the error went away and they both went back to 85%. I let it hover for 10...
  4. S

    New Inspire 2, battery issue... any suggestions?

    Hey everyone, wish my joining of this forum was under better circumstances, but I come now needing some help. I purchased a DJI certified refurbished Inspire 2 and it was delivered today. I am trying to charge my batteries, the 2 the unit came with, plus 2 spares. 3 of the 4 charged no problem...
  5. S

    Inspire 1 Pro + Extra Controller for sale - SOLD

    I am selling my lightly used Inspire 1 Pro. It only has 4 hours of flight time. I bought it to take photos in Iceland a couple of years ago. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where it is almost entirely off limits to fly so I haven't been flying it hence the 4 hours of flight time. 1 x...
  6. Ralph thompson

    Maintaining aging Inspire 1

    I have scanned the forum & not found a satisfactory conclusion on battery life. I have a 2015 I1P v1 & 2017 I1P v2, 10 batteries including the 3 yr old originals with between 80 & 100 cycles. The Battery Life is registering close to 80% on some. I deep cycle all batteries after 15 to 20 cycles...
  7. B

    Inspire 2 Extra items for Sale: remote / crystalsky / mount / battery

    Hi guys, I have bought an Inspire 2 from my friend and it has some items that I just do not need or won't use. Please let me know if you are interested in any or all. DJI Inspire Remote Control - sold DJI Inspire Crystalsky Mount adapter - $ 50 DJI Crystalsky 5.5 monitor +...
  8. E

    Aircraft Battery Fire

    No...I haven't suffered one. And I can't remember reading about any instances of Inspire or Phantom batteries going rogue during flight at all. I was shown some horrific images during ground school, but these were of batteries that had been badly packed in an aircraft hold, hadn't been...
  9. OneEyeOpen

    LCI or an episode with DJI Service about a "water damaged" battery – and why you should care

    Please see original thread – Legal aspects of DJI service – at the DJI forum. Summary My Inspire 1 RAW fell out of the sky from 174.5m for no obvious reason. I was flying about the 30th flight in a weeks course at a deserted and very dry sandy area in the North-African Sahara when it happened...
  10. AVImagingllc

    SOLD!$1000 DJI Battery Station TB50

    Selling my TB50 Battery station. Excellent accessory! Used only 2 times. Yours for $1000 USD. Shipping within Cont. US included! PM me if you're interested.
  11. M

    Inspire 1 V2 Multi-charger failure

    We got the multi-charger 6 months ago and it worked fine, but in the last couple of months it only charges 1 battery then stops. We have 3 TB47s and one TB48. It doesn't seem to matter which combination of batteries are attached, nor how many (at least two!). It charges one, then stops. We have...
  12. J

    6 x M200 TB55 Batteries - lightly used

    Have 6 (3 pairs) of lightly used TB55 Batteries - 6-7 charges max. In the UK. £290 each. Shipping £10 per pair. Thanks
  13. Matt McGowan

    WTB : Inspire 1 TB48s

    Looking for Inspire 1 batteries, 2-3 TB48's with low cycle count.
  14. TronesDrones

    DJI Inspire Batteries and Smart Powercharge $800 0b0

    I am selling a few of my old batteries and M100 Smart Power Charge charging system. I have 3 TB48 and 1 TB47 Batteries. All the batteries have less than 40 charges and have been discharged every 10 cycles of flight. The M100 charger/discharge was purchased in October last year and has had very...
  15. Rocco Z

    $500 bid Selling Inspire Add Ons: TSA LandingMode Case, 2 TX, 3 Batts, Charging Hub

    This item has been sold. Here's the eBay link; willing to go outside of eBay. Contains: GPC Inspire 1 Pro Landing Mode case with TSA-Approved locks, key included Inspire 1 TB47 Battery (x2) Inspire 1 TB48 Battery Inspire 1 Transmitter (x3), two functioning, one in need of DJI repair...
  16. L

    For Sale: Inspire 1 T600 complete $1,100 USD + shipping

    Saint Charles, Missouri area (USA) Firm pricing of $1,100 + shipping for everything listed below. I will also accept $850 for all items listed, minus the X3 camera and filters. I am selling my DJI Inspire 1 drone that I bought new February 2016. It flys great and has approximately 45 flight...
  17. Zorok42

    Looking for new cells for TB47 battery

    I am trying to find new cells to replace the ones in a TB47 battery. I know that the individual cells have a voltage of 3.7V and individual mAH of 2250. From what I can find the battery has a C rating of 10 which gives it a discharge amperage of 45 so 22.5 amps per cell. the dimensions of the...
  18. Force Aerial

    POWER - Battery Bank vs. Generator

    Has anyone found a battery bank that can charge multiple TB48 batteries? Here are a few that I have found and look like they can put out the necessary charging power but I do not know how to calculate how many times it can charge a TB48 battery. 1. Expert Power Omega 453 2. Suaoki...
  19. Mad_angler1

    Closer Look at the DJI Charge Hub & Mods

    A closer look at the DJI Inspire 2 Charge Hub. I decided I wanted to make some ‘improvements’ to the stock DJI “Coke” can hub and thought I would share some info on it as while this may seem a very standard part of the Inspire 2 package there is a lot of interesting engineering going on...
  20. B

    (5) TB48 Batteries For Sale - Low Cycles

    I have 5 - TB48 Batteries with low cycles from 14 - 26 Asking $140 each shipped. Will sell the lowest cycles first. 14, 17, 18, 23, 26 Paypal accepted.