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  1. I

    UK Renewal Due CAA Drone/UAS PfCO? Read First.

    If you are renewing PfCO, CAA is now on line..some important updates you need to do after 30/7/2018 to avoid rejection. Renewing your CAA UAV Drone PfCO? Read this first. - ikopta
  2. Ollie360

    Parachute Kit for DJI Inspire 1 by Opale Paramodels - Brand New and UNPACKAGED

    Parachute Kit for DJI Inspire 1 ***Completely brand new and unpackaged. Original box has only been opened to slip in the paper User's Manual.*** AVAILABLE NOW ON EBAY - AUCTION ENDS 07 Dec, 2017 20:00:39 GMT - Search on eBay for "Parachute Kit for DJI Inspire 1 by Opale Paramodels" Kit...
  3. Mike Hulme

    CAA stated they were not issuing PfCOs......

    I contacted the CAA (UAV enquiries) again today chasing my PfCO renewal that I sent in before Christmas.... Having been given various excuses ('could not open the attachment' - 'oh, we can now' etc...), today I was told that 'the CAA are no longer issuing permissions at this time as there is a...
  4. MrDrone

    Flying over EGR160 at night ... (!)

    Highest level of stupidity from this pilot flying at night over EGR160
  5. S

    UK Temp Permission before full granted?

    Hi Guys, I'm just about to undertake my training for permission, but have been offered a potentially very lucrative contract on a civil engineering project near me for regular photo's and video flyover work. I need to be able to get going on this bu have just read that the CAA are currently...
  6. I

    Guess they are certified then???

    Safe then! Post on Facebook today Good to know CAA don't have to look far, but will they
  7. Phil-RCGeeks

    UK RUSTA course + 5% discount from RC Geeks

    Hi Guys, Just to let you know, if your looking to get qualified in the UK, we've partnered with RUSTA so if you sign up with them, we can offer you a 5% discount on your first order, no matter how big or small :) More details here: RUSTA CAA UAS Training Programme - RC Geeks Blog
  8. kie1an

    Commercial operators in UK flying as single operator ?

    Good evening, I was a little wary about posting in the qualified pilots section albeit I am working towards this. My question is commercially orientated. How many uk operators are working as a "one man band" and is it legal/possible? I appreciate that flying with another person operating the...
  9. MrDrone

    Drones public dialogue (UK)

    Anybody involved in this consultation? Drones Public Dialogue
  10. A

    UK Renewing PFAW with the CAA

    Hello First of all apologies if the relevant information is posted in another thread, im having a hard time finding what i need. Im coming up to the time to renew my PFAW and would like to do so directly through the CAA as I dont feel like handing over money to EuroUsc if I dont really need...
  11. Oscen

    Working without Certification (UK)

    Hi all, I deliberated posting this in the certified pilots section, but I was unsure, so here goes.. I realise a lot of you, especially the certified guys, have some animosity towards "cowboy" pilots. However, although I think I already know the answer, I feel you guys are the best to answer...