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UK Renewal Due CAA Drone/UAS PfCO? Read First.

If you are renewing PfCO, CAA is now on line..some important updates you need to do after 30/7/2018 to avoid rejection.
Renewing your CAA UAV Drone PfCO? Read this first. - ikopta
As I have mentioned to you previously
  • Can you please attempt to post in the correct section - this is NOT general discussion but certified UAV operator and UK specific so I have moved it to the relevant place
  • Can you check before posting up that there isn’t a thread already covering the subject matter rather than a thinly disguised self promotion URL.
Thread running here......UK - UK CAA PfCO renewal

Additional thread and info here....UK - CAA, CAP 1687, & SI 2018 No. 623

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