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camera control

  1. TransArctic

    Autopilot (by Auto Flight Logic) Inspire 1

    Hi Folks, Anyone still using Autopilot with the Inspire 1 Any issues recently? I’ve used it a couple years back - but only a little; would like to test it out again. Suggestions, issues or heads up, you can pass along would be appreciated Thanks ... Lloyd
  2. R

    How to make inspire 2 control like other quads

    *how can I make camera yaw with drone yaw?* Hey guys, I recently got my inspire 2. since I am a new single operator I am trying to figure out how to make the quad handle like a phantom 4 etc in which the quads yaw rotates the camera instead of using C1 or C2. I tried follow mode(?) but it...
  3. dev_willis

    How to use Map View in GO app?

    Hi! I would like to set a point in map view and have the camera always look at that point. Is it possible? I would also like to set waypoints in map view. Is that possible? TIA! Dave
  4. dev_willis

    Noob Questions

    Hi! Can someone help me figure out how to control the camera on my Inspire 1? I'm totally new to it (second day of flying) and loving it so far but I can figure out how to point the camera. I'm in F mode but when I set the camera to "Follow Me" it doesn't do anything. Also, setting the flight...
  5. Felipe Z. Carboni

    Photo and Video Edition

    Boa Noite á todos do Inspire Pilots. Gostaria de iniciar uma discussão sobre os melhores métodos de gravar e fazer o pós-processamento de imagens e videos com o Inspire 1/Pro/Black. Este post vai ser dedicado especificamente para quem tem interesse em trabalhar com drones.(inspire series) Eu...
  6. I

    Inspire One- can I slave my Phantom 4 controller to it?

    Editor if this has been asked already, I apologize. I looked and searched the forum and could not find it. I have an Inspire One. It was painted black. It worked great. An Indiana tree jumped out of the ground and Caught my Inspire in mid air. Indiana trees can jump-who knew. Tree trimming...
  7. RKDauph

    Inspire 1 Pro & dual remotes

    I had an incident the other day that convinced me that for some jobs I need a second (camera) operator. My questions: -- Which remote would/could/should manage third party flight software (Litchi, AutoFlight, etc) for setting up waypoints etc on site or in flight? -- Is it possible for the...