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  1. P

    matrice100 crashed

    Hi, My Matrice 100 crashed today badly, and lost his Motor3 (broken). Apart from that, his gimbal's carbon rod broke into 2. Later, when I tested it Gimbal seems to be moving as per the instructions. I could see the sensor working. I want to fix that gimbal. Do you have any suggestions of how...
  2. E

    DJI X3: Camera Works, Gimbal Does Not - Repair or For Parts

    I have a 1 year old DJI X3 from Inspire V2.0. The camera was gently landed on, and the Yaw arm broke and also damaged the ribon cable. The arm was a clean break, and has been repaired with an extremely thin layer of metal re-enforced epoxy, the ribon cable has also been replaced. I was going to...
  3. Parker

    Crashed my Inspire 1 Pro... so....

    I thought I would post my question here at IP because I know it's a friendly, knowledgeable crowd. 2 months ago my Inspire caught a gust of wind and hit a few branches. 2 props snapped and it fell about 10 feet to the ground where one of the arms broke. The unit still powers on, the battery is...
  4. C

    Two Damaged Inspires For Parts Only

    Please check Ebay listing. Thanks http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/262504066614?
  5. P

    Crashed my Inspire 1 (I'm a fool)

    First of all..sorry for my poor english.. It was the weekend so i have plenty of time to fly around with 3 fully charged battery pack. Everything when smoothly as planned, outdoor angle, indoor angle. Done! went back home to check the footage and **** i forgot to take off the ND filter off when...