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DJI X3: Camera Works, Gimbal Does Not - Repair or For Parts

May 13, 2017
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I have a 1 year old DJI X3 from Inspire V2.0. The camera was gently landed on, and the Yaw arm broke and also damaged the ribon cable. The arm was a clean break, and has been repaired with an extremely thin layer of metal re-enforced epoxy, the ribon cable has also been replaced. I was going to paint the epoxy (it can be ground, drilled, tapped, painted, etc) but have not gotten around to it yet. I do understand that an un-balanced gimbal can cause issues, but being that the extra 2 grams of epoxy is on the Yaw arm, I do think that is the issue here. I would never attempt to add weight to the roll or pitch axis

The camera works fine, cooling fan runs (there is a small chip by the fan, see pics), the SD card reads, Go app displays live view and the images and video are clear when reading the SD on a computer. However, the gimbal will not initialize, the firmware is up to date (7-10-17). Go app throws an error on power up stating "roll axis over-travel", this goes away after about 10 seconds. This would be a good candidate for further repair, locked forward for an FPV cam, or NVDI conversion. Will include the original case with sale.

Located in Wisconsin, USA
$175 USD
USPS 3 day shipping included to USA

First picture is before epoxy application. Thanks!


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