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  1. casein

    Need Help - DJI CrystalSky 7.85"

    Hello, I have recently been experiencing terrible issues with the DJI CrystalSky 7.85". The app will crash mid-flight, then it will ask me to close the app or wait. At that point, nothing on the screen functions, sometime the drone will stay connected, and sometimes it won't. I have also had...
  2. M

    Monitor for Inspire 2 (Crystalsky alternatives)

    Hello, I just bought an inspire 2 and would like to buy a monitor for it, I would love to buy the CS Ultra Bright but it is to **** expensive and there are no used ones where I live, What would be the best option for me? -DJI CS 5.5 -IPad Pro -Using an external monitor like a freeworld...
  3. S

    SOLD-see below. DJI Inspire 2 with X5S Camera, Complete professional aerial photography setup in excellent condition

    I'm selling my excellent condition Inspire 2 with X5S camera, DJI 15MM lens, 5 sets of batteries, (10 total), 7.8 Crystalsky display, two sets of carbon props with quick release adapters, (I also have 4 sets of the stock props that go with it), FAA approved rechargeable LED position lights...
  4. pmccrary

    5.5 Crystalsky for Sale

    I have a 5.5 Crystalsky monitor with 2 batteries and DJI sun shade in excellent condition for sale at $450.00. Comes with the original battery charging hub. Also available is the Crystal sky mounts one for the Inspire 2 and one for the Mavic both at $50.00 each
  5. MedicFL1

    Live Streaming w/ Crystalsky

    It appears that Live Streaming with DJI's version of Android is off limits with the Crystalsky. I use RTMP to Live Stream without a problem on iOS devices like the iPAD mini 4 via the mavic 2 Pro and the Matrice 210 RTK but cannot get past the "connecting" alert (top left of screen) using...
  6. A

    Prop cages and mapping software with cendence

    Hi Everybody - Has anyone found a product that can be used with the 200 series such as prop cages or bumpers of some sort? Just thought it would be nice to have when doing bridge inspection God forbid we accidentally do have something happen and bump into a box beam or something. Also - we're...
  7. AeroMirage


    5.5" CrystalSky plus Phantom 3 charger Gently used …… Not Abused Look closely at the pictures, No damage anywhere. All pictures are of the actual items included. No issues, only selling because I have 2 and have never needed this backup. Battery has only been charged 4 times. $350.00 USD...
  8. F

    DJI CrystalSky 5.5 w/extra WB37 battery + Polar Pro screen cover

    DJI CrystalSky 5.5 w/extra WB37 battery + Polar Pro screen cover. Very low usage, less than 3 hours of total screen time. WB37 batteries last a really long time with this screen. Was used on a Mavic Pro. US funds. $525 obo + free shipping to all 50 states. Ships in original box, with original...
  9. N

    SOLD - Crystalsky 7.85" Ultra Brighteness New $750 US

    Selling my Crystalsky 7.85 Ultra Brightness. Includes two batteries and battery charging hub. Free shipping to lower 48 only. Price $750 US. Mount shown in photos not included. This is a new unit I confirmed with DJI. The one I purchased in May of this year was having sound issues. I just...
  10. Linuxglobal

    WTB: CrystalSky 5.5" or 7.85"

    hi Guys, looking for a decently priced crystalsky to ditch my ipad mini for sunny shots on the inspire 2. Any good offers on the forum ? i need the full kit if possible, screen, batteries, charger, mount. Shipping New York, 14303. I'm a reputable member on here and ebay under the same...
  11. S

    Rollback CrystalSky? Pro Res won't work after CrystalSky update

    Hi, I'm having an issue with my Inspire 2. My crystalsky monitor auto updated the DJI Go apps, and now the crystalsky won't see my Pro Res license. My old Ipad mini still has the same old software, and the Pro Res license works when I use that. Is there a way to delete the DJI Go 4 App with a...
  12. B

    Inspire 2 Extra items for Sale: remote / crystalsky / mount / battery

    Hi guys, I have bought an Inspire 2 from my friend and it has some items that I just do not need or won't use. Please let me know if you are interested in any or all. DJI Inspire Remote Control - sold DJI Inspire Crystalsky Mount adapter - $ 50 DJI Crystalsky 5.5 monitor +...
  13. G

    ***REMOVE***For Sale: CrystalSky 7.85" Ultrahigh Brightness

    I have a brand new in box: CrystalSky - 7.85" Ultra High Brightness $1000/cdn shipped anywhere in Canada or Continental USA
  14. P

    CrystalSky 7.85 Ultra - Not able to record 2sec Interval Photos?

    I have a new CS Ultra. Yesterday with the new CS Ultra mounted on my Cendence, I went to film some hyperlapses with my I2 and X7 camera. Both the I2 and all associated accessories are at the latest firmware versions. I was not able to record any intervals faster than 5sec, which is too big of...
  15. R

    My crystal sky is overheating after 20 min. Why?

    My crystal sky is overheating after 20 min. Why?
  16. S

    New DJI Crystalsky mounting bracket

    I have an extra Crystalsky mounting bracket that fits Phantom, Inspire 1, and Inspire 2 remote controllers for sale. It’s new just have an extra one. $55 shipped in USA. Located San Antonio, TX Thanks!
  17. J


    Hoping someone can help me out. Im using an inspire 2 with the standard controller and Ipad as the master and a cendence controller with Crystalsky for the slave. The issue I'm having is that the preset camera buttons/rotary knob and the focus knob don't do anything at all. It was all working...
  18. S

    CrystalSky Monitors

    Crystal Sky monitors on paper appear to be the best option for a high quality, With 1000 cd/m² for bright and 2000 cd/m² for ultra bright that whips even the ipad at 410 cd/m² Tablet Displays Under Bright Ambient Lighting Shoot-Out Also, dedicated ports for SDI and HDMI CUSTOMIZED SYSTEM...
  19. Advexure

    DJI CrystalSky Monitor Owner Discussion by Advexure

    From NAB here in Las Vegas, we are excited to announce that the DJI CrystalSky Monitors will begin shipping soon from Advexure and are now available for pre-order. In case you've forgot what the CrystalSky is after all these times that DJI has teased us with its release over the past few...
  20. D

    2017 CES: All New DJI Products

    DJI Unveils New Products at 2017 CES! New DJI products, including Chinese New Year Phantom 4! - The Digital Circuit