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customer service

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    Trouble Purchasing Osmo Shield

    Has anyone else had trouble purchasing Shield online? I entered my serial numbers for the gimbal and handle, even used the QR codes, and it will not accept the codes. I've had a discussion with DJI, via their CS forum that has been going on for 2 weeks. They have said: "Thank you for your...
  2. A

    DJI Flight Data Analysis? Inspire fell out of the air.

    Hello, I was curious if anyone here has had any experience with their I1 pinwheeling out of the air and then sending its corpse into DJI only for them to go silent. Now, I 100% understand that customer service reps at large companies usually have 0% access to internal wonks. But I have had...
  3. R

    DJI "lost" my X3 Camera & are now ignoring me.... Complete Joke!

    So, a little background first. I was having some issues with my Inspire 1, constantly loosing video feed even if it was just a couple of meters away from me. A friend had an Inspire 1 as well, we flew them together and he had rock solid connection and mine had a blank screen most of the time &...