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DJI "lost" my X3 Camera & are now ignoring me.... Complete Joke!

Oct 8, 2015
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So, a little background first. I was having some issues with my Inspire 1, constantly loosing video feed even if it was just a couple of meters away from me. A friend had an Inspire 1 as well, we flew them together and he had rock solid connection and mine had a blank screen most of the time & wanted to return to home.

So, after DJI customer service telling me to recalibrate the IMU and relink the remote a couple of times, they finally agreed to have a look at it. I sent the Inspire, the remote, and the X3 camera/gimbal. I live in Italy, and sent it by UPS to their office in Holland (I paid for the shipment). A couple of weeks went by, and I heard nothing. I sent a message asking if they had managed to solve the problem. (Seems impossible to get a phone number for them, only messages that take at least a day to be replied to, if anyone has a number would be much appreciated). I got a reply back the next day from "Stefan" saying that they could not test it out because I had not sent them the camera.

I politely asked them to check the box again, as I of course did send the camera. They replied that there was just an empty plastic camera box, with nothing inside it.

To condense down several weeks of messaging. They said that camera was not in the box, so they could do nothing, end of story. I use my Inspire for work, and had to rent another one every time a project came up, so I eventually just caved and said that I guess I would just have to buy one from them, have the Inspire tested and back to me as soon as possible. The guy I had been chatting with said I had to e.mail their accountant to see if they could give me a discount. I e.mailed the guy (Maick Sarmento Magalhгes), who let me know that he might be able to get me a free X3 if I could send him a picture of the box showing the camera before I sent it to them. I of course did not take a picture, but was lucky that I had taken a pic of the wife where you could see the box on the floor just before I packed it up. I sent off the pic, and didn't hear anything back for a couple of days. I contacted him again, no reply. Then a week or so later I get an e.mail saying that my Inspire had been shipped to me. I hoped for the best.

It arrived, minus an X3 camera. I assumed the accountant would continue to ignore me & sent another message on the thread. To which I got a standard reply from a different person of:

" unfortunately DJI is not responsible for lost objects and therefore we have not added a new gimbal"

At this point, I just gave up on them. No idea what to do or say, or who to say it to to. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm now stuck with an Inspire without a camera which I don't know if still has transmission problems or not, and renting other drones every time I have to work.

A quick google search turns up several cases of people sending in their Drones to DJI and DJI "loosing" cameras and remotes etc...

Their customer service is a complete joke, and I for sure will not buy DJI again, think I will switch to Yuneec.
Do you really think that yuneec will handle it differently? I guess not.

I had a similar story a few years ago (not with DJI) and after that I make always several pictures of the package and the content.

Temps (but sometimes even regular employees) working with those logistics companies, open boxes and just take out what they want, and then close them up again. It happened for ages and it is still happening now.
Unfortunately taking a picture of the box content, prior to closing it up, doesn't prove anything. Maybe using tape with 'VOID IF OPENED' on it would help. They (DJI Repair) wouldn't accept an opened box, unless opened by customs.

I know the guys at the Euro DJI repair center (they are my dealer) and they are great, working their asses off for their customers. How can anyone expect them to cover for the loss in transport?
Did you insure the package at all?

What logistics company did you use by the way?

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