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dji goggles

  1. G

    Sold! Thanks - DJI Goggles for Sale - Like New Open Box - $325.00

    Selling my like new white goggles that have only been used 2 times. Purchased the CS monitors and use them now almost exclusively. Will llst on ebay shortly at $349.00. Paypal only. thanks, Greg
  2. W

    DJI Googles - finally works as advertised for Inspire 2!

    OMG! The latest firmware updates (drone, controller, DGI Goggles) finally adds head tracking (both flight and gimbal!) for Inspire 2 - and hopefully Inspire 1 (can someone with an I1 verify?). I cannot tell you how nice it was to finally use that big, white, clucky lump of $400 plastic which...
  3. Dr. Ifly Drones

    DJI Goggles Arrived

    My goggles arrived! No time to do a complete unboxing but, soon to follow.
  4. Advexure

    DJI Goggles - Immersive FPV Aerial Video Goggles

    Good morning from NAB here in Las Vegas! After an awesome event last night at the Wynn with exciting new releases from DJI including the Ronin 2, CrystalSky Monitors, Cendence Remote Controller, and Tracktenna -- this morning we are happy to announce the release of DJI's first FPV...