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dji inspire 1 pro

  1. W

    Inspire I Pro w/ X5 Gimbal, Lens, Batteries & Chargers

    I have an extremely well maintained and in excellent condition, Inspire 1 Pro for sale. This has been an incredible copter and comes loaded. Look whats included: Inspire I Pro w/ one remote X5 gimbal DJI 15mm lens 5 x TB 48 Batteries - low cycles 3 x TB47 Batteries - low cycles 2 x 180W Power...
  2. J

    Disappointed with DJI inspire please help thanks

    So have had the DJI inspire pro x5 for about 2 months. I have never been able to fly more than 100 meters away without losing video signal. Even at hole the video starts cutting out and bottom of iPad turning green. Flying on a wide open golf course with nothing around. Under the HD menu If I...
  3. I

    Inspire 1 Pro Harvest shoot in 4K

    Filming Last week-end for some Combine-harvesters. Inspire 1 pro with 15mm lens. Also used the Osmo with the x3 camera (what a great piece of kit!) ikopta Drone filming Harvest in 4K
  4. EamonUrtone

    Olympus 45mm Test Shot

    A short test flight we did with the Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 45mm. This lens is amazing and offers something different to the original 15mm that came with the aircraft. We found for the best results, you need objects in the fore and background, whilst also stabilising the footage in post to...
  5. I

    Inspire 1 Pro Firmware Nightmare v. & Craft crash

    So After the 1.9 firmware upgrade, all was ok, had a warning about sensor, and it rose once, but landed ok. I changed battery, it shot the job ok. That was last week. Until this morning. Weather has been shocking. Great day today, so got up early, check the craft software etc. Checked the IMU...
  6. C

    Singapore Aerial Cityscape

    Hey mates Sharing a couple of shots which I took in my hometown just over the weekend:
  7. S

    Wanting to purchase a 45mm Lens; seeing on DJI.com - (photo only)

    I operate a UAV service company in Vancouver BC and we utilize the DJI Inspire 1 and Inspire 1 Pros commercially. We are looking at acquiring a 45mm lens for our X5 for inspection purposes but have only recently noticed on the DJI supported lenses page that it says (photography only) next to the...
  8. P

    Cap Blanc-Nez Wissant France

    A week ago I went to France for a short vacation. Naturally, I took along my DJI Inspire pro I've heard from several people that this his movie is a little bit to long and got to many of the same environment Stil I 'm curious about your feedback/ tips tops etc i'm stil in a learning curve :-)
  9. A

    recent filming

    hi, we have just put together a showreel of some of the locations we have been filming at recently. Its mainly filmed on an inspire pro but a little bit with an S900 fitted with a GH4 for good measure. enjoy. I look forward to your comments.