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  1. atmosphericarts

    Working the Grand Opening of an NHL Arena - TFR Questions

    I've been working with the New York Islanders for over a year now to document the construction of their new UBS Arena at Belmont Park in Queens, NY. I've already received long-term airspace authorizations from the Drone Zone (it's in both LGA and JFK airspace), but I'm wondering about the...
  2. atmosphericarts

    Part 107 Recurrent Courses Are Finally Available!

    After some delays which caused my Part 107 to become non-current for a few weeks, the new Part 107 recurrent courses are finally available! Non-Part 61 Pilots: Activities, Courses, Seminars & Webinars - Course Overview - FAA - FAASTeam - FAASafety.gov Part 61 Pilots: Activities, Courses...
  3. B

    FAA drone rule changes. Take action now to keep flying!

    Not sure if you have seen it but the FAA have proposed new rules for UAVs that will require remote transponders. This can have many consequences for drone pilots including additional costs and can really harm hobbyist and commercial drone usage. You can find more information and a link to give...
  4. Kestrel

    Latest FAA roadmap. May be interesting to you?

    Thought this might interest some members here. Hot off the presses.
  5. R

    Complete Guide: TRAVEL Drone Tips

    Hello fellow dronists! I made a short guide full of tips when travelling with your drone. I organized the tips into stages such as preparation, pre-flight and flight just make content a bit more digestable. Feel free to give your own advice to help those who are looking to travel in the...
  6. I

    FAA Drone Registration is Back.... Again

    FAA Drone Registration is back...with immediate effect, if living or visiting the US make sure you register ridiculous sign penalties if you don't .
  7. William Gaddy

    USA Oh God No... White House to Test Federal-Local Sharing of Drone Regulation

    Administration plans to establish test sites for promoting commercial-drone use by dividing oversight What could POSSIBLY go wrong, here (paywall): https://www.wsj.com/articles/white-house-to-test-federal-local-sharing-of-drone-regulat
  8. Force Aerial

    USA I got caught between needing a sport pilot license and 107

    Get a sport pilots license or wait for the FAA? This was the big question about two years ago when we decided to take the leap to establish Force Aerial. I decided to go for the pilots license. If I could get my airman certificate before the FAA came up with a more streamlined approach to the...
  9. SkipTV

    FIGHT the Drone Federalism Bill and save your business

    DUGN Call To Action: Fight Drone Legislation, help beat the Drone Federalism Act - sUAS News - The Business of Drones
  10. SkipTV

    Death to us all: DRONE FEDERALISM ACT

    This bill by Diane Feinstein Senator of California. Takes any authority the FAA has over Drones and puts it in the hands of local towns/cities/states. This means that your local politician who is not much better than some condominium board rep, someone without a clue about drones will be setting...
  11. B

    Drone Sighting Reports Increase

    The FAA just released an updated list of pilot, air traffic controller, law enforcement and citizen reports of potential encounters with drones. Reports of possible drone sightings to FAA air traffic facilities continued to increase during FY 2016. There were 1,274 such reports from February...
  12. M

    USA #CES2017 press conference with FAA Administrator

    In case any of you missed it.. There was an FAA Press Conference today at CES in Las Vegas with the FAA Administrator Michael Huerta. They have posted a video on the FAA facebook site. Thought you might enjoy. #CES2017 press conference with FAA Administrator Michael Huerta 需要安全验证
  13. atlav8r

    (AMA) Now Offering 107 Remote Pilot Test Preparation Through UAV Ground School

    A nice endorsement for Part 107 training, More at Company News and Press Information - UAV Commercial Drone Ground School Academy Of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Now Offering 107 Remote Pilot Test Preparation Through UAV Ground School Program Offers 195,000 AMA Members, Preparation For FAA Part...
  14. RemotePilot101

    Video: Understanding Airspace

    Charts and airspace play such a huge role not only in our everyday operations but also on the FAA Part 107 knowledge test. Last week myself and the team at RemotePilot101 handled over 1,000 support tickets/live chat requests and the common theme was airspace. So I put together a quick video for...
  15. John

    NTSB Investigation May be Required!

    Did you know that UAS (drone) accidents may need to be reported immediately to the NTSB and may be investigated? (http://www.ntsb.gov/investigations/process/Documents/NTSB-Advisory-Drones.pdf) Per U.S. 49 C.F.R. § Part 830, a civil unmanned aerial system (UAS, a.k.a. drone) operator (other than...
  16. D

    FAA has my Inspire

    Apparently, I was flying too close to the downtown area of Chicago for the police. They stopped me and asked what I was doing. Long story short, they insisted on taking the drone. They then gave it to the FAA. What can the FAA pull of the drone? They can't seem to find the SD card and I don't...
  17. RemotePilot101

    Here's What To Expect On The FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test

    Tomorrow Night (Tuesday at 9pm Eastern Time) myself and our team will be conducting a free webinar sharing: What to Expect on the FAA Knowledge Test (even share actual FAA questions) How To Submit Your Application to The FAA What The FAA Expects to See Under Part 107 How To Protect Yourself and...
  18. Scotflieger

    FAA tests British Anti-UAV Defence System (AUDS)

    The BBC has reported that the US FAA is to test a British designed Anti-UAV Defence System (AUDS) designed by Enterprise Control Systems, Blighter Surveillance Systems and Chess Dynamics. British drone-freezing ray gets US airports trial - BBC News
  19. C

    FAA Registration Help

    Hi everyone, I need to fill out certain information for my FAA registration with a notarized statement. I'm having some difficulty finding solid answers for my generic DJI Inspire t600 & am hoping someone can help. Full Legal name of sUA manufacturer or builder: DJI sUA model...
  20. F

    Pilot's license requirement might not be so silly afterall

    If anyone is shocked if the final rule for Part 107 still requires at least a sport pilot license, some of the comments found in various threads might help explain. Take this thread for example: Flying over Crowds Careless reading and translation of a recommendation that fails to recognize the...