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Working the Grand Opening of an NHL Arena - TFR Questions

Jun 21, 2019
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Norwalk, CT
I've been working with the New York Islanders for over a year now to document the construction of their new UBS Arena at Belmont Park in Queens, NY. I've already received long-term airspace authorizations from the Drone Zone (it's in both LGA and JFK airspace), but I'm wondering about the possibility of a TFR during the grand opening night next Saturday the 20th. It's my understanding that there will likely be a 5-mile TFR around the arena since it's a major league sporting event, but it's also my understanding that I'd be exempt from that since I'm actively working with the people responsible for the reason for the TFR (the NY Islanders and UBS Arena). Last time I had to fly during a TFR I spent half a day on the phone, culminating in having to convince an actual Secret Service Agent that the mission was worth it and ended up having to call before every takeoff to keep the goons away. Hoping to avoid that this time.

My questions:
  • Is everything I said above accurate? Am I ok to fly in the eyes of the FAA since I have both airspace authorizations (I have three active simultaneously actually!) and am part of the sporting event crew?
  • I'll likely need to get GeoFencing Unlock licenses for my DJI drones, right? (2 I2s and a M2P)
  • I'll need to re-read the fine print of my authorizations, but do TFRs typically negate these in any way that would make them invalid despite my working with the team?
  • Do I need to separately contact the FAA to tell them that I want to fly during the TFR?
  • Any tips?
In case you're curious, here's a video the team put together from some of my recent flights: Login • Instagram
I can not answer the airspace question, but having written auths (old days), and getting DJI unlocks together can be problematic.
Given the size/importance of this event, if the FAA gives you the green light in the TFR, I would have an alternate brand of drone or secondary flight software available and tested. I know there are 3rd party apps you can use for DJI equipment to fly without the DJI flight restrictions. It is like a wedding, it can’t be re-shot.
Good luck and please let us all know how it went.

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