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Drone Sighting Reports Increase

Jan 8, 2017
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The FAA just released an updated list of pilot, air traffic controller, law enforcement and citizen reports of potential encounters with drones. Reports of possible drone sightings to FAA air traffic facilities continued to increase during FY 2016. There were 1,274 such reports from February through September last year, compared with 874 for the same period in 2015.

The FAA stated "Although the data contain several reports of pilots claiming drone strikes on their aircraft, to date the FAA has not verified any collision between a civil aircraft and a civil drone. Every investigation has found the reported collisions were either birds, impact with other items such as wires and posts, or structural failure not related to colliding with an unmanned aircraft."
Bird strikes always leave blood. From the blood sample they can even tell the type of bird.

Drones don't bleed.

Seems like drones are the latest scape goat for strikes with wire, post or structural failures.
It's too bad the goof balls continue to fly in controlled airspace. I just had to turn dow a job because it was in class D and no time for a waiver
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Pilots are reporting in Canada that when they see a tree, another plane, a telephone pole, a car, a giraffe etc, that they are drones!
We just can't win!

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