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  1. Mirame Volar Sin Alas

    GPS problem

    I turn on my inspire 2 and it only connects with 4 satelite , I change the GPS module for a new one and it still has the same problem
  2. I

    Is GPS from Inspire 2 enough?

    Hi is the GPS data from Inspire 2 enough when you do an inventory of forrest?
  3. Mirame Volar Sin Alas


    I have this message and change the complete gps module that I can do ??
  4. SilkyMilky

    M600 Defaulting to ATTI Mode During Flight

    Hello, We've been having a recurring issue with our M600 where it will default itself back into ATTI mode shortly after take off on each flight. This is an issue because we're attempting to do mapping work using Ground Station Pro, and when it snaps into ATTI mode it will abandon its mission...
  5. K

    "Find My Drone" Capabilities

    Has anyone noticed or used the feature in GO4 in any meaningful way? There doesn't seem to be much on the topic on the forum yet. I would hazard a guess that it's primary function is to locate downed aircraft, but it could be far more useful for stolen equipment. A long story short, I have had...
  6. Hovershotz

    Overlay GPS co-ordinates on video

    Is there an easy way of overlaying GPS co-ordinates on video shot with the Inspire 1 or an app that does this? I have a job that involves filming/inspecting several miles of dry stone walling for damage and the client has requested that GPS co-ordinates be overlaid over the video so when they...

    GPS Not Engaging

    We recently crashed our drone and had to replace the gimble mount and cables. The camera now works fine but the drone is not connecting to GPS at all. Anyone have any ideas how to fix without having to send it in for repairs?
  8. Airscope

    Matrice 600 taking long time to maintain GPS flight mode

    Has anyone had any problems with their Matrice 600 maintaining GPS flight after initial takeoff? I use about 20% to 30% of battery power before GPS flight mode is obtained and stable. I've done IMU and compass calibrations before flights and also flown in metropolitan and remote desert areas...
  9. M

    Inspire 2 Tablet?

    Hello, I've just purchased an Inspire 2 but I'm still on the fence about what tablet to get for it. After reading many forum posts it seems like the DJI app works better on Apple products? Does everyone here agree? I've always been an Windows/Android guy but want to make sure I have the best...
  10. We Talk UAV

    Return to Home Technology: Great Idea or a Drone Killer?

    Return to Home has been the saving grace of some and the ire of others. It can be the lifeline of saving your drone and is associated with your GPS. It was also misunderstood feature as many early pilots did not realize that the aircraft would reach a specific height and did not take that into...
  11. dev_willis

    Signal Issues

    Hi! I just got a new Inspire 1 v2 yesterday. I've flown it several times now and I keep getting errors about the compass, it says weak GPS signal a lot (even though conditions for GPS couldn't be better) and sometimes drops into Atti mode and out of it's flight program, and it will tell me that...
  12. Toan Doan

    I lost my I1 because GPS signal dropped out

    Last weekend, while flying on top of a waterfall, my I1 changed the flight mode from P-GPS to ATTI mode by itself in a crucial moment, it drifted so quick within a second and I could not steer it away from a tree branch near by and felt down to the falls. Sadly, it did not survive the crash:(...
  13. K3vin

    DJI inspire 1 parts for sale

    Lightbridge $280 Remote controller $280 Centre frame $220 Carbon fibre upper arm $70 Carbon fibre lower arm $150 Motherboard $80 Landing gear $40 each
  14. J

    Inspire 1 v1 - Parts Parts Parts

    After conducting a memorial service and wiping away the tears, I've parted out my Inspire 1. I am selling the parts here in hopes that they will help another stay aloft. Sadly I had a crash that left me with a bent frame and a broken arm. Hopefully this will be to your benefit. Below is the...
  15. ADSSER

    Programmable GPS Waypoints?

    One feature that I'd like is pre-programmable GPS waypoints that could be entered into flight software prior to a flight. Does anyone know if this is being worked on by DJI or 3rd party companies, like Autopilot? Thanks in advance...
  16. G

    Inspire GPS lost when gear is up. Has anyone experienced it?

    I have a brand new Inspire 1 Raw. GPS locks well when I'm flying with the gear down, but it's instantly lost when gear is up. Has anyone experienced that? Many thanks.
  17. Phil-RCGeeks

    Does Home Lock and Course Lock need GPS?

    For the IOC modes, do you need a GPS signal? I understand you'd need GPS signal for POI and waypoints but my question is, do you need a GPS signal to use Home Lock and Course Lock? For example if you are flying indoors.
  18. J

    X5 and Geotag issue... Fixed yet?

    This is a follow-up question to this thread from 6 weeks ago... Inspire Pro with X5 no geotagging in images Did DJI ever fix the issue with altitude differences as noted in this quote??? I'm on the fence whether to upgrade my drone with an X5... :oops: I'm looking around at unresolved issues...
  19. 3dPico

    Is a GPS satelite error a problem

    I heard this and then found it referenced on an article here: Satellite failure caused global GPS timing anomaly Would this be a potential concern? I imagine it would throw an Inspire 1 into a serious toilet bowl effect like conflict where the compass and the GPS are at odds. Am I over...
  20. Spectre53

    HELP with Inspire 1 GPS PLEASE

    Need a BIG favor gang. Would someone please post a close up pic showing the Inspire 1 GPS wire and plug where it goes into the antennae? I was attempting to remove the upper canopy and the wires separated from the plug so I need the color arrangement/orientation. Even a list of left to right...