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inspire 1 pro

  1. I

    Norwich at Sunrise

    Shot over Norwich, sun up in May.
  2. C

    Greetings from Singapore

    Hello mates This is Cyrus from Singapore. just adopted an Inspire 1 Pro yesterday and would like to say hi to everyone!
  3. K

    Inspire X5 For Sale...

    1 DJI Inspire1 X5 Copter 2x Remote Controller -- Pilot and Camera Operator 1 X5 Camera and Gimbal Stock Lens 2 TB47 Batteries 1 TB48 Battery 2 extra set of props 2 ND Filters ND8 and ND 16 1 Stock Case Hardly Used. Only Been Used In A professional Manner At Video Shoots For A Business. No Damage...
  4. Kilinahe Media

    Aloha from Haleiwa, HI!

    Aloha! Just thought I'd introduce myself to the community! My name is Brenn Nakamitsu. I am a cinematographer by profession and have been looking at expanding into aerial cinematography as of late. Been watching this forum for a few months and finally joined. Going to be getting a few drones in...
  5. A

    Best ANDROID tablet Inspire Pro X5 Dual operator

    Hi, I'm new to this site. I'm sure it's been asked before but with new tablets coming out frequently I'm looking for advice on which tabelts work well with the Inspire App. This is the one I'm considering. Any reason this is not a good choice? Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0" 16GB (Wi-Fi), Smoky...
  6. B

    Greetings from Nevada!

    I bid you all a fine British "Good Day" from sunny Las Vegas! I don't own one yet but my Inspire Pro is apparently being delivered this week. I have plenty of time on real aircraft but have never flown a radio controlled thingamajig in my life... what can possibly go wrong! This "hi" was...
  7. X

    DJI X5 Gimbal only

    Hi, I'm a selling a like-new DJI Zenmuse X5 camera/gimbal (does not include lens). This was flown only a handful of times and is in excellent condition. Works perfect and updated to latest firmware. Comes with original box. Note: Camera/Gimbal does NOT include lens as pictured, only shown for...
  8. X

    Fitness Film using Inspire 1 Pro (45mm lens)

    Olympus 45mm is my favorite Inspire 1 Pro lens......utilized this setup to get some fresh new angles and cinematic camera moves both low to the ground and in the sky for this cinematic fitness film shot in Austin, TX. Watch in 1080p with headphones or speakers. Enjoy!
  9. S

    Price Reduced! Parting Out Inspire 1 Pro X5 Production Kit

    Parting Out Inspire 1 Pro X 5 Kit - All equipment is LIKE NEW or Brand New! Inspire 1 Pro X5 with Remote, 1 battery, OG packaging - $3800.00 Extra Controllers - 1 @ $450 (used) 1 @ $550.00 (brand new) 6 tb47s $90 each 2 tb48s - $150 each 2 Ipad Mini 16gb Wi-Fi - $250.00 each Go Professional...
  10. Alton Vance

    Hello from Norco CA, USA

    I have flown collective pitch helicopters for the last eight years. I enjoy it as a hobby. I have also enjoyed photography as a hobby for a big part of my life. The photograpy part of my life goes back a long ways, all the way back to the Kodak Brownie cameras. I was building my own self built...
  11. RKDauph

    USA Special Airworthiness Certificate

    I thought a Special Airworthiness Certificate was applied for by the manufacturer of an aircraft. I had a fella last night tell me I had to apply for one for each of my quadcopters. Did I miss this requirement completely?
  12. Jason Woodcock

    UK DJI XT Camera release date!

    Evening all from sunny UK !!! I have been emailing, scouring the internet for information about the potential release date for the XT Camera. I eventually got some info from DJI! Don't get too exited! see attachment If anyone has any further info this would be greatly appreciated! Fly Safe
  13. VisualChaos

    Two red cables protruding from rear of I1P

    hello... Got my new Inspire 1 Pro out of box and going through setup and familiarisation etc as a complete newbe novice. Question: there are two red wires sticking out of the top of the black plastic section on the back. They have a his and hers connectors which makes me think that they should...
  14. D

    Final and detailed guide on X5 "lens calibration"

    In common with many Inspire 1 pilots, I have been confused for a long time by the idea of lens calibration. I didn’t have a clue what it meant, why I needed to do it, and how to do it reliably. So I decided to investigate and test – and here is what I found…. Firstly, a “lens calibration” is a...
  15. druiser

    2 days with the Olympus 12mm & 45mm

    Here's a short test video after a few days with the X5. I've analyzed the footage to the max and would like another set of eyes to look at it! I have mixed feelings about the results thus far... Some shots look sharp while others look "soft". Overall, the photo's (JPEG and RAW) from the X5 are...
  16. A

    Zenmuse X5R & Inspire 1 RAW Available for Pre-order

    DJI originally announced the forthcoming Zenmuse X5R in September. The Micro Four-Thirds camera features interchangeable lens options with remote-controlled focus and aperture. It records CinemaDNG files to a solid-state drive (SSD) and is the world’s smallest, lossless 4K camera optimized for...
  17. M

    Can´t Upgrade Firmware

    Hello I´m trying to upgrade the firmware on Inspire 1 Pro currently is on the RC I get a message to upgrade the camera and battery firmware, I´ve tried to install the 1.3 or 1.4 versions but nothing happens, I´m using a SD card following all the instructions (put the file on the root...