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inspire 1 v2

  1. M

    Zenmuse Thermal XT Camera FOR SALE. SOLD INSPIRE 1 PRO V2.

    Hello All! For your consideration: Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera. $2,900.00 obo USD + Shipping -13mm. 30Hz. 640 x 512. NOT Radiometric. -Works with Inspire 1 V2 Pro platform. -All equipment was purchased from members on this forum. Professionally maintained and used. I am the second owner. I...
  2. T

    Inspire 1 V2 Pro camera/gimbal options

    Hello all, I'm certain that this question has been answered before, but a search has not produced the results I'm looking for. I've just acquired an I1 V2 Pro that was originally equipped with an X5 camera/gimbal and Olympus lens. Right now the socket is empty. My question, besides the very...
  3. S

    Inspire 1 v2: Final Drop In Price... This week only!

    Now selling above line items (minus Z3 - sold separately) for below price Less than 1 hour flight time Have used P4P for all of my jobs, wanting to purchase another P4P for backup 3/12/18 UPDATE: $2000 Now $1700 NOW $1400 USD OBO; One last price drop - $1200 USD , good through April 7, 2018 -...
  4. ferrarod

    Inspire 1 V2 Package!

    Hey everyone - Sorry that my first post is to sell something, but excited to be a part of the community regardless. Looking to sell my Inspire 1 V2 package. Buyer will pay shipping (contiguous 48). Set includes: I1 v2 Drone X3 w/ PolarPro filters X5 w/15mm 3 Batteries ~25-30 cycles 2 Remotes...
  5. S

    Inspire 1 V2 - Phantom 2 vision plus = $ 1,500 (neg)

    Inspire 1 V 2.0 with 4K X3 Video Camera ,1 Remote comes with 4 batteries 3 TB 48 + 1 TB 47 plus 100 watt dji charger the original case extra blades plus a set of new quick release mounts and propellers in perfect working order flawless condition only flown 20 or so times it’s like new Dji...
  6. D

    ---SOLD---DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 Zemmuse X3 4K 3 Batteries Nvidia Shiled 8" VR Goggles FPV XOAR RTF

    Up for sale is a DJI Inspire 1 V 2.0 Professional Quad copter system. Like new condition, about 5 hours of flight time on it. Unit has been purchased in June 2016. Never crashed, in perfect working and cosmetic condition. Quad copter, transmitter, tablet, gimbal and camera have been updated to...
  7. S

    A shout out to Dan at Advexure

    I had posted a message in Classified here seeking a mint Inspire 1 V2.0. I was soon scammed by someone offering it for $750 (see my posts on that). Then Dan at Advexure connected me to Tom who has just what I was looking for at a fair price. I am SO excited. I presently fly a Phantom 4...
  8. S

    POSSIBLE SCAM alert to seller of Inspire 1 V2

    I have a post here where I am seeking to buy a Mint Inspire 1 V2. I was contacted by someone with an email beginning with mnim ( I want to keep the email itself confidential, FOR NOW) Price was $750 with 3 batteries, said it was mint with 6 or 8 flights. No damages. Said he bought it from DJI...
  9. S

    Want to buy MINT Inspire I V 2 with camera, batteries, controller etc.

    Want to buy MINT Inspire I V 2 with camera, batteries, controller etc. I am located in CT. I am a service connected disabled vet. Will pay via PayPal.
  10. HoverLogix

    Hello, from Western Colorado, USA

    Just found this forum and wanted to introduce ourselves. HoverLogix commercially pilots Inspire 1's and M100's. Hopefully we can learn some things and add a little value! Doug
  11. C

    WTB X5 with or without a lens

    Let me know what you have and your asking price. I am in WA state and would prefer a seller from either the States or Canada. thank you very much Charles
  12. A

    NEEDED ASAP CASH IN HAND for Inspire V2 and/or X5

  13. S

    Inspire 1 v1 vs v2.0 (Is there a real difference?)

    Hey guys! I will be a future inspire owner, since my phantom 3 4k is no longer enough for me since I need the most cinemtics shots possible ( My use for drone is commercial only) and I almost everytime crash trying to get the most cinematic shot possible on my P3 haha, so A Inspire is needed...
  14. D

    Flytrex Live Plus -- not working

    This is the second Flytrex Live Plus device I have tried in the last 2 weeks. When I got the device and powered it with USB both times the device has upgraded to the latest firmware over the air. Both times the first flight mounted on the Inspire 1 V2 there is no communication. Now when I turn...
  15. Neil sulish

    Inspire 1 V2 for sale New Condition with battery + 1 yr Crash ins included

    I am selling my spare setup, it has less than 1 hr time flying. I have a pro black edition that I have been using instead. It has a CPS crash and accident protection for 1 year June 1 2016- June 1 2017. Call or message me with questions 609 234 0864 $ 2,199 Neil
  16. Aerial-Pixel

    Inspire 1 V2 only $1999 in the DJI Store

    I've been a long time P3 flyer and recently P4. I've been wanting to jump to the Inspire 1 for a long time... This may be my time, In the DJI STORE the Inspire 1 V2 is only $1999!!!!! I'm wanting the Pro, but I guess I could always buy the X5 later. Now I just need to talk the wifey into it :D...
  17. W

    Like New Inspire 1 V2.0, + unused extra batteries For Sale (California)

    Kit Includes: - DJI Inspire 1 Version 2.0 (new propeller mount, X5 camera mounting bracket, enhanced motors, etc.) - Zenmuse X3 Camera Gimbal - DJI Inspire 1 Travel Case (zipper still works!) - 1 TB47 Battery - 1 TB48 Battery - 1 TB48 Battery (Brand New, still sealed in box) - 2 Sets of Extra...
  18. Gary Roberts

    Help! Need replacement blades for I1 v2 today near LAX!

    When I bought our I1, I also bought a bunch of replacement blades, but, mistakenly, I got the ones for I1 v1. And of course, I didn't notice that until it's time for an international trip. My coworker is flying out of LAX this evening. Is there anyone in the vicinity of LAX who may have a...
  19. B

    Balancing Props on V2

    I can't find a rod that fits into the new Inspire 1 v2 quick release props. Any thoughts?
  20. A

    Inspire 1 new propulsion system with 420KV motors and new prop mounting/locking mechanism

    Apparently Inspire 1 is now being offered with a new propulsion and prop mounting /locking mechanism. The new motors are now sporting 70KV more than the current version. Wandering if this a useful upgrade just for the 1 Pro owners due to higher weight of the X5, if it's retrofittable to the...