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inspire 1v2

  1. R

    Broken arm repair Inspire 1v2

    Can the outer carbon fiber tube be repaired? I can work with carbon fiber but all of the parts available for purchase are the entire leg. Does the entire leg need to be changed?
  2. D

    Salutations from Sin City

    How flies it fellow pilots? Im David from Las Vegas and I just recently started flying recreational drones. For quite some time I was into High Power Rocketry but have set my sights a little lower to terra firma. But there is hope to maybe mingle the two hobbies to see if a new interesting...
  3. L

    Inspire 1v2 with x5r and 3x tb47

    SOLD Hello, Two kids under the age of 3 is too many for a drone habit. Just bought this in December, it’s been out for three flights. update 525-18: knocked a little more off the price DJI Inspire 1v2 with X5R RAW camera | eBay Drone and case 2 remote controllers X5r camera with ssd and...
  4. R

    Trying to upgrade but have no clue what to ask for what I am selling.

    Like I said I have a fantastic inspire 1v2 kit with more extras than I have ever seen sold including and extra x3 variant camera (also works with Osmo), 2 iPad Airs and an Osmo kit and I can't move it because I guess I am simply asking too much. So it's obvious that I have no idea how to price...
  5. Neil sulish

    What version Inspire do I have????

    I was sold a v2 inspire about a month ago.... I just now looked in the battery tray and It doesn't state version 2 as does my black edition (clearly says It) The Question is was I sold a v1 with x-5 gimbal mount and new quick release? or Is it a v2 I have included a photo of the battery tray...