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  1. Anton Hutter

    Seogwipo City Korea

    The way I saw Korea from a bird's eye view. This was my first trip to this country. Even for such a short trip, a lot of positive emotions and memories remained. In this video I have collected moments from the port city of Seoqwipo on Jeju Island.
  2. Seoqwipo city aerial view, Korea

    Seoqwipo city aerial view, Korea

    The way I saw Korea from a bird's eye view. This was my first trip to this country. Even for such a short trip, a lot of positive emotions and memories remained. In this video I have collected moments from the port city of Seoqwipo on Jeju Island.
  3. 5kdigitalfilm

    Filming Dancers with a long lens at 2500m for a Music Video

    Filming with a long lens can be very difficult especially in cold conditions at 2500m. This is only possible with dual operation and great piloting skills, thanks Max for putting up with me! Thanks to Ro Bergman for letting us use the footage.
  4. A

    silver award

    Hi, my film, Greece Places, won the silver award in Amorgos Tourism Film Festival in category: Tourism Destinations - Country.
  5. S

    SOLD - DJI TB-50 Battery Station + batteries

    Latest model TB-50 battery charging station for sale. Less than a year old and only used in the field a handful of times. (No dirt, sand or muck in the box like others I've seen) Purchased brand new from DJI 10 months ago and works like a charm. Wheels are in great shape and all cords and...
  6. Jacky Poon

    For sale: Inspire 2 with X7 + lenses combo

    Hi all, I have up for sale here my i2 with X7 + lenses combo. To be honest I really don't want to get rid of it as it's a brilliant piece of kit to say the least... but looking back I just don't get enough use out of it which is a real shame! UK buyer only please. I am looking for around £7K...
  7. pmccrary

    5.5 Crystalsky for Sale

    I have a 5.5 Crystalsky monitor with 2 batteries and DJI sun shade in excellent condition for sale at $450.00. Comes with the original battery charging hub. Also available is the Crystal sky mounts one for the Inspire 2 and one for the Mavic both at $50.00 each
  8. J

    Inspire 2 motor blown off and crashed

    Hello! I was hosting a little game, where people used FPV glasses to get 2D view from above. Drone was standing still on air about 160 feet for about 30 minutes (battery swap also) After the event, i was showing around from above with fpv glasses, i backwarding and raising to 490 feet. And then...
  9. G

    Sold! Cendence TX

  10. AeroDroneImagery

    Olympus 14-42mm "Pancake"

    Just recieved the Olympus 14-42mm "pancake" lens for my X5S today. Went out to do a test run at a local school in my neighborhood. Shot these photos at an altitude of 100' at an unknown distance. Though I was skeptical due to the actual size of the lens, I have to say that I am fairly impressed...
  11. J

    Want To Graduate to Inspire

    I'm finding the camera limitations of the Phantom 4, and Pro V2.0 limited. I've briefly perused some of the threads and appears Zenmuse 5S (trying to save a bit of money, unless someone tells ms I must get the 7). My intent is to purchase the piece parts; a new Inspire 2 without controller and...
  12. Glennc63

    Complete Inspire 2 kit, plus more

    I have made a strategic business decision to switch away from larger drones, so I am selling all of my Inspire 2 kit. I would prefer to sell everything as a package, so please don’t ask about separating the kit. If I am unable to sell everything as a bundle, then I will consider breaking...
  13. Mirame Volar Sin Alas

    SALE X5S - 7.5 MM 12MM 25MM 50 MM

  14. K

    Inspire 2 with Air Space

    These days I gave a trial to the functionallity of Air Space. This is an app within Autopilot which seems to be quite sophisticated but it is worth to give a closer look at. The Inspire, I Pod and I phone are connected among each other in Air Space. The aircraft follows where the I Phone is...
  15. K

    Inspire2+X7+Autopilot, Litchi Problems with Videosettings and more

    I`ve been using Autopilot and Litchi since a couple of days but cannot figure out to adjust the video settings propperly. It seems there are both not beeing updated to use the Zenmuse X7. So I tried to do the settings in the DJI Go 4 . Also in both cases I could not gain back fully control...
  16. K

    Inspire2 FW 01.02.0200 gimbal pitch

    Does anybody know about this? "Added function to customizable buttons. Added gimbal pitch auto return to center and turn downward 90°" how to customize buttons?
  17. K

    Inspire 2 disconnected to I Pad

    I am getting disconnected very often ( never happend bevore) to the I Pad ( mini) The App is still running. I can control the Aircraft by RC. When I pull off the cable I Pad - RC and plug in , the connection gets established again. The I pad says " Memory full" but I don`t know if this has to...
  18. K

    No Limit Dronesz

    Hey guys, ( the NDL pretends having develloped a software which is capabale to overturn the limits determined by DJI thru the assistent and DJI Go and to adjust new parameters) I thought it might be a good idea to check out the NLD . 24 $ is not that much but a little risc of bricking the...
  19. David Lerrick

    Germany ITALY: Looking to rent ENAC registered Inspire 2 Aircraft with CDNG

    Dear Community, For an upcoming job in North Italy i am looking for an option to rent an Inspire 2 aircraft with CDNG license and ENAC registered, to fly my Zenmuse X7 Camera. I am a certified RPA pilot who owns the same aerial plattform in Germany. Either contact me on this forum or...
  20. H

    PRICE REDUCED:Inspire 1 Package Deal w/ Osmo

    Bundle Includes: Inspire 1 T600 Model Aircraft (Perfect condition. No crashes) Zenmuse X3 Camera (4K HD recording) 5 TB47 Batteries (low cycles) Dual Tranmitters GoProfessional Landing Mode Case Spare Props 2 Battery Chargers DJI Osmo Handheld System w/ Car Suction Mount Shoulder Straps Setup...