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  1. B

    I2 Landing Accuracy?

    Should my I2 return home to the same position it launched from on my Orange H Pad every time? If: * Low / No Wind * VPS Calibrated * P-Mode * Stable lighting conditions (Sunny on ground) If currently lands about 1-2feet off center from take off position. Is this an acceptable variation...
  2. nandoarr

    NFZ / ATTI / Crystal Sky

    Hello there inspire friends, how you guys doing? I was doing a job yesterday and had to fly at a bridge, reaaaal close to a NFZ and several times the drone landed it self because of the NFZ. So i turn to ATTI and still the drone landed when got to the NFZ, almost landed in the river 3 times in...
  3. zaveraj

    Landing gear & 360 motion

    What kind of angles are people getting with the X3/X5 cameras before the picture is obstructed by the non-retracting landing gear. Any ideas on a landing gear / gimbal mod ???
  4. Jacky Poon

    Inspire 1 landing handle for rough terrain

    A usefully bit of kit here for those out there looking for a set of landing handles... They are around £20 and I think you can find them on eBay, one of the older thread on here had a link but I'm struggling to find it again... (Someone post a link if they find it please?) Got mine in China as...
  5. J

    Crashed Copter - Urgent help required

    Hi all, I recently had a crash with my copter and am seeking urgent help. It went down via a falling branch in the rain forest and resulted in the gimbal snapping clean off right at end of what was probably my best shot of the project and also the last of the day. Attached are photos off the...