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  1. Droning Community

    DJI Master Wheels Cinematic Control System

    DJI Master Wheels seem to be one of DJI's newest product that debuted to little attention (no attention?) a few months ago. The link shows DJI's prototype of their new "high-end cinematic control system for the Ronin 2, Inspire 2, and upcoming Ronin-S". It gives precision control to camera...
  2. K

    Dual Master Controller Hoping

    Here's a bit of a left-field question (on the assumption that from memory two controllers can be paired/bound to a single aircraft but not literally connected to the aircraft at the same time): Can you hop between two independently located remotes to regain control of an aircraft when one loses...
  3. S

    slave issue

    I am in the field and having trouble pairing a slave to the master. I have the latest firmware update. When I'm on the slave, it won't accept input word ask for the Masters number. And when I try to input the password, I just get for zeros instead of one two three four. Any ideas? Using Android...