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DJI Master Wheels Cinematic Control System

Feb 8, 2018
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DJI Master Wheels seem to be one of DJI's newest product that debuted to little attention (no attention?) a few months ago. The link shows DJI's prototype of their new "high-end cinematic control system for the Ronin 2, Inspire 2, and upcoming Ronin-S". It gives precision control to camera operators in a similar way advanced studio and Hollywood camera's can be maneuvered.

Looks interesting! Aside from an overview, they're not comprehensive details about the Master Wheels. Personally, I'm wondering what else all those buttons can do!

DJI Master Wheels – Cinematic control for the Ronin 2, Ronin-S and Inspire 2 - Newsshooter
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Actually, they were introduced back in early December (12/10 at Radiant Images in LA) and have been working on shows since.
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They’ve been floating around for quite awhile now. We have not had a chance to play with them quite yet but have had a chance to put Alpha Wheels to good use and that Master Wheels should only add onto that experience.

Here’s a shot from Paul Pan at DJI:
Happy New Year!

About a month ago I heard from DJI is that the firmware to run the Master Wheels with the Inspire 2 (and I assume the Force Pro as well) is coming 'any day now,' which is what I've been hearing for at least half a year.

Any whispers out there, rumours, harsh truths? I've also been told directly that this project will not be shelved, so I have not given up hope.

Disclaimer: I bought the Master Wheels in July of last year with the promise that compatibility with my Inspire 2 would be coming 'quite soon.' At this point I am not particularly confident in the process, if it can even be called that.
I really hope that Force Pro and the Master Wheels become compatible with the Inspire 2. Having this control over the gimbal in the air is where cinematic footage really takes off. I am only afraid that DJI wants to release this together with there launch of the Inspire 3 as well as a new (Osmo)solution for there X7 (or X8) on the ground.
Yes, no compatibility with I2 at launch for both Force Pro and Alpha Wheels but we should be seeing compatibility quite soon.

There is a inspire setting in the force pro menu right from the release firmware ... but it makes the gimbal drift an then freak out. Dji really needs to step up their game as this thing is laying on my table unused for several month now.

What do you know about the "quiet soon" compatibility ... You have any beta firmware or other proof other than djis favorite answer "coming soon"? [emoji6]
As of January 2019 the status of that firmware has been upgraded from ‘quite soon’ to ‘any day now.’ I will continue to stand by. That note about the Force is interesting, I’ll dig into the menus; perhaps there was a ‘soft release?’

It will be disappointing if DJI releases compatibility with the I3. But not surprising. As with all anouncements from DJI, to be taken ‘in quotes.’

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