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  1. CaptainBadge

    X3 NDVI

    Like new X3 fromAerial Media Pros with the NIR conversion for mapping ag. $900 obo
  2. E

    tetracam ADC micro for sale

    Hello, we are selling a Tetracam ADC Micro multi spectral camera for precision farming. Weight 90grams. Complete with: protective case AC adapter Remote cd installation target for calibration Perfect condition, we used it only with multirotors (so no problems during landing). Camera is in...
  3. C

    convert X3 camera to NDVI

    Hello fellow Inspire fans, I am going to convert my X3 to NDVI specs. I read all the pros and cons, it's not perfect I know. Some offer NIR+red lenses, others offer NIR+blue. I guess they'll both work. But what I can't understand is the following: If I replace the original lens with a lens...
  4. TheSaffer

    Where? NDVI X3 camera or conversion in the UK?

    Hi, I would like to ask if anyone can tell me where I can get a NDVI conversion done on a X3 camera? Or better still, buy one outright in the UK? I would also be happy to change the lense myself if needed. I might as well also ask if anyone knows of other equipment thats compatible with an...
  5. Captain Salty

    Inspire 1 + Micasense Red Edge

    Hi Guys, Looking at purchasing the Red Edge Multispectral camera ,for AG work. I've been told there are a few people running them on an Inspire 1, which would be great for me. Can't seem to find any online info about wiring it up to an Inspire, it needs a power feed and also shutter control...
  6. S

    multiple cameras on Matrice 100

    Does any one know if the Matrice 100 will be able to take RGB pictures and NDVI pictures in one flight using two cameras?
  7. AerialMediaPros

    Drones Etc. Using Copyrighted NDVI images and Data from competitors?

    Hey guys, AerialMediaPros has been having issues with competitors using copyrighted photos and webpage material for their own website. The latest is DronesEtc. making carbon copies of our images and website material to relocate precision ag NDVI professionals over to their site. We have worked...