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  1. Alex G

    **SOLD****Inspire 2, ProRes & Cinema DNG, x4s & x5s, 2-Controllers.**FINAL RATE $4000

    I have a great condition Inspire 2 fully loaded with Apple Pro Res and Cinema DNG (only missing the SSD drive). 6 sets of batteries, x5s with 15mm, 25mm & 45mm lenses with Polar Pro Filters, x4s (great for mapping with mechanical shutter), 2 Controllers All the chargers, extra set of props...
  2. David Lerrick

    Hello from South Germany

    Hello everyone, Glad to become a part of the community and hope to get to know people from all over the place. Since early 2017 i fly an Inspire 2 for film production purposes and am all in all very happy with the system. Have a nice day and happy flying! Dave
  3. L

    Taking the plunge...

    Hi all My name is Clay Lonie.. I’m a film editor by trade. I’m looking to take on drone filming for film and television. Very nervous though. I’m based in Plymouth, Devon. I looking for someone to help me with my flying technique. And then I hope to do the same for someone else. All the best...
  4. Dr. Ifly Drones

    FlyHigh USA and Inspire 2

    Just made it back to my lake house from the sprawling metropolis of Munfordville, KY to pick up a fresh new Inspire 2 from Ralph at Fly High USA! Can't say enough good things about Ralph and the process. Ralph walked me through the I-2 even though I'm familiar with DJI products and made sure...
  5. R

    Inspire 2 for sale (Including extras)

    SOLD (remove or ignore thread please!)
  6. A Wade

    Hello from Yorkshire, UK

    Hi i'm a new inspire pilot and finally got my bird about a month and a half ago, sadly something has already happened to it due to circumstances out of my control i have used my inspire 1 for a few small videos able to be viewed view on YouTube (not sure if i'm allowed to link it) and I've had...
  7. J

    Newbie from Switzerland needs help

    Hey, I'm form Switzerland and I recently received a DJI inspire 1 pro as a gift. I have been struggling to set it up for many hours now, despite watching multiple tutorial videos and reading the manual. My problem is that I cannot link the controller to the drone itself. When I connect the...
  8. Dr. Ifly Drones

    M600+Hasselblad = 100MP drone

    Wow, talk about stepping up their game. Now for about $45K you can get the world's 1st 100MP UAV: DJI and Hasselblad Unveil World's First 100MP 'Drone Photography Platform'
  9. S

    New Possibility for Osmo Mobile

    This is a good, new solution for me. I've been wanting to get an Osmo Mobile for a while. However, I did NOT like that the gimbal was attached permanently. I was intrigued with the announcement of the new Osmo Mobile Silver, but still had the attached gimbal. BUT, the new Zenmuse M1 gimbal...
  10. We Talk UAV

    Introducing Uber Flying Cars!-Heir to drones?

    We saw it coming years ago, but very few have had the resources or the initiative to step up with this kind of project. From a logical perspective, personal aerial transportation was the natural evolution of general aviation and short-haul flights. Nevertheless, aircraft design has barely...
  11. M

    New to inspire some problems

    Hello all, Firstly I'm new to flying the dji inspire one and so far I haven't been able to take off for two reasons Firstly It is asking for an update so following the online guide I put the bin file onto an sd card and put it into the gimble, the gimble goes limp ( see second problem for...
  12. I

    Did i see the new DJI Drone in Berlin???

    So went to the IFA2016 in Berlin with DJI and..........
  13. A

    Drone Chest, A Peer 2 Peer Marketplace to Buy or Sell New or Used Drones and Related Gear

    Hey all, I am also a drone owner, and in the past have experienced issues selling used drones and related gear on forums, Craigslist and Ebay. As a result, I saw a need for an online marketplace for this up and coming industry where anyone can buy or sell their new or used drones and related...
  14. I

    New Inspire on the Way????

    Wow, just seen that the dji store online are referring to the Inspire "series 1", does that mean something new this way comes? Buy Inspire 1 Series | DJI Store
  15. F

    DJI Inspire 1 Pro X5 Kit for Sale Great Condition Like New $3200

  16. A

    Official video for Phantom 4 - March.1st

  17. W

    DJI 15 mm 1.7 lens very light use

    I just bought the olympus 12mm lens to replace this and I do not need both. I bought my inspire in November and have flow it about 10 times since, due to the weather. I am in the Mid West United States. If you have any interest please send me a PM. I am looking to get $500 for the lens...
  18. A

    Inspire 1 Black Edition real pics (+acce) + Phantom 3 4K

    Detail Spec of Phantom 3 4K has been available on store page, additionally some real pics for Inspire 1 Black Edition found Spec of Phantom 3 4K: DJI - The World Leader in Camera Drones/Quadcopters for Aerial Photography And keep an eye on this for black edition too! Inspire 1 - Aircraft | DJI
  19. A

    Official news for Zenmuse XT - Q1 of 2016, guess it's CES

    Zenmuse XT as a thermal imaging lens will be released in Q1 of 2016, combining FLIR thermal-imager and DJI's stabilization system, it can be applied for both Inspire 1 and M100 platforms. Seems useful for resource inspection, rescue and sth else FLIR’s market-leading thermal camera can generate...
  20. D

    FOR SALE: Brand new Inspire 1

    This is BRAND NEW (not even out of the shipping box!). As you know, retail is $2899 so you save $299!! Absolutely NEW - was purchased on 10/10/15. Includes camera w/filter, gimbal, travel case, extra prop set, 1 controller w/cable, charger & cables, and battery. I was planning to add it to my...