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Official video for Phantom 4 - March.1st

Looks like the new Phantom will have additional sensors but not clear just what the sensors are for. One would guess collision avoidance but I guess we'll learn within a week or so...

well i hope no more new threat like " Oh A INSPIRE 1 killer " lol hahaha
but i curious of the sensor.. if there is a really collision avoidance system ... it would be great... and that may be possible bring it add on for inspire 1
Phantom and Inspire sales have crattered since the March 1st release date. Thanks DJI for further cooling the value of our devices. Phantom 4 will be a small move forward at a huge expense.
Open your wallet...WIDE


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maybe is 4s parallel setup sweet... just like my tarot 650 with 45min flight time lol
Who want to bet ?
does the phantom 4 come with obstacle avoidance YES OR NO !!!

i say YES !!!

because is to overcome a solutions for their competitor Yuneec Typoon H with Obstacle Avoidances !!!

sonner or later there may will have this system upgrade for inspire
I think its bigger in size, not sure though, defiantly a bigger battery goes in this thing.

And yes fei8820 I think your right.

This think looks to have been BEEFED UP!
i wish i right and one more thing i notice the video are in slow motions perhaps some HD slow motions able from p4 ? haha
That's the point, they want to be able to sell that to everyone, not just pilots. The market is a few orders of magnitude bigger that way...

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