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  1. 2DREAM

    Matrice 600 Pro, Unused unactivated, 2 sets of batteries

    I don't have pictures yet, but a brand new unused unactivated matrice 600 pro, with goprofessional case, and full set extra set of batteries. Mint condition - never flown. Also have ronin M with it.
  2. S

    Inspire 1 Pro (RAW) with Brand New X5, 2 Batts, DJI 15mm lens, charger and case.

    Inspire 1 Pro (RAW) with Brand New X5, 2 Batts, charger and case. Inspire 1 Pro Raw w/X5 and 15mm lens. This entire unit was just shipped back to me from DJI after servicing the system and replacing a right-side arm and motor that had a crack on it. It has one test flight on it since the...
  3. K

    Dji focus Inspire 1 Pro / Raw

    This is for a dji inspire 1 pro with x5 camera. I just got dji focus and I'm trying to see if it's possible to control zoom and focus, without having to change modes on the focus controller. Eg. Either zoom mode, focus mode or aperture mode. My use is for asset inspection to have the camera...
  4. S

    *SOLD* FS: Inspire 1 Pro and 2nd transmitter

    Selling a low hour Inspire 1 v2.0 Pro with Zenmuse X5 with all original accessories and case. Also including an additional transmitter and TB48 battery. It's been used for about 5 hours of total flight time, with the second transmitter being used only 2-3 times ever. No crashes, hard landings...
  5. T

    Inspire 1 V2 Pro camera/gimbal options

    Hello all, I'm certain that this question has been answered before, but a search has not produced the results I'm looking for. I've just acquired an I1 V2 Pro that was originally equipped with an X5 camera/gimbal and Olympus lens. Right now the socket is empty. My question, besides the very...
  6. Rocco Z

    $450 bid Osmo Pro Add-On Kit (Focus, Z-axis, iPad, batteries, more)

    eBay Link: DJI Osmo X5 PRO Add-on Kit + iPad Mini2 + Z-Axis + Focus + X5 Adapter + Batts... | eBay The perfect Inspire 1 Pro add-on kit: turn your X5 into a workhorse handheld stabilized gimbal system. Pull focus, walk/run, and view on an iPad monitor for cinema-quality stabilized footage. We...
  7. G

    FS - Inspire 1 Pro with X5, 1 Controller, 4 TB47 Batts

    This is an Inspire 1 Pro with the X5 camera. I am purchasing an Inspire 2 and no longer need this bird. Included Items: Inspire 1 Pro and X5 Camera 1 Transmitter 4 TB47 batteries 4 port charging hub Stock power supply for charging The stock 15mm DJI lens and numerous filters Stock case iPad...
  8. jenzeee

    Wanted: Zenmuse X5 camera, no lens

    Looking for a Zenmuse X5 camera, no lens. Please PM your best possible offer please. Pick-up preferred. Located in Greater Los Angeles.
  9. jafuller

    Used/Like New Inspire 1 Pro Raw Dual Remote Combo For Sale

    Used. Like new condition Inspire 1 Pro Raw Dual Remote Zenmuse X5R Camera Package. My DJI Go App currently shows 2hours 55 min total flight time on the Inspire. Perfectly clean with no scratches, nicks, bumps, etc. Includes everything that normally comes in the dual remote Inspire 1 Pro Raw...
  10. D

    Oh Dear! Inspire Pro (X5) vs P4P

    Hi guys, My Inspire Pro took it upon itself to ignore my commands completely and get itself tangled in a tree only to then fall 30 feet down to the concrete despite my best efforts to run towards it and catch it. The landing gear came down then it went into RTH state, started heading towards a...
  11. J

    DJI Inspire 1Pro Zenmuse X5 DUAL RC - XMAS Sale! EUROPE / AUSTRIA

    English below: Wir verkaufen wegen geplantem Modellwechsel unseren Liebling mit sehr viel Zubehör um EUR 4.990,- !! 11 Monate alt / 21 Flugstunden / 3 Zusatzakkus TB48 (5700mAh),... und viele tolle Zubehörteile mehr! Details bei seriöser Anfrage! We sell our favorite with a lot of accessories...
  12. J

    Osmo Pro 15mm/X5 Adapter with Extra Batteries! $2000.00

    Have the Osmo with the x5 and the adapter with about 6 batteries. We ended up buying a DJI Ronin. Only used 4 times.
  13. Dr. Ifly Drones

    DJI Mavic released

    You can see it here:
  14. Terry Power

    Tampa Bay, Florida

    Good morning all.....after a few months working with a Phantom 4 I pulled the trigger on a Inspire Pro Black edition. Very excited about the camera. I know I burned some extra cash on the black, but the "wow factor" that customers get is almost worth it. :p I'm Part 107 certified (long time...
  15. I

    How to Unlock DJI NFZ

    Quick one on Unlocking DJI NFZ, when you've got no signal/wifi. What a ball ache, Surely if you have a PFAW, which you renew annually, insurance etc you should need only do the unlock once. Every 3 days?! Feel I'm at school again. My driving licence is valid till I'm 70, shotgun licence is every...
  16. SolidStayt

    Osmo Pro/X5 Focus Wheel

    Hi Brains Trust! Just received my new focus wheel for the Osmo, to work with my X5. So happy that DJI have brought out a cheaper solution for this, rather than having to buy their (expensive) regular remote follow focus system. So I've put it all together, plugged it in and turned it on-...
  17. F

    DJI Inspire 1 Pro X5 Kit for Sale Great Condition Like New $3200

  18. AerialMediaX

    How Large of a Photo can I print using Raw Setting with the X5?

    I cant find the exact limit on how large of a print I can make with great quality and low noise from the X5. Whats the largest size? Does anyone know?
  19. Neary Aerial

    Drone Crash Protection Coupon Code

    All Service Contracts are 10% off with coupon code: pilots10 Expires on Friday 2/5 at 12 midnight EST. Visit: Neary Aerial - Drone and UAV Extended Warranty
  20. L

    Beautiful Raw footage of South Louisiana X5

    Just blown away at the quality . I shot in 4k 30 fps and did very little post in adobe premier ENJOY