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  1. jlo

    Inspire 2 Folding Propellers

    Hi Im selling my spare set of new 2 pairs of Carbon Fiber folding propellers 2 CW and 2 CCW they are very well made and balanced they screw directly to the Inspire 2 motors no more dealing with DJI plastic props that rattle or wear out, no more need to install or un install propellers just un...
  2. T

    Inspire 1 props / 2 pairs $1 each

    Two 1345S prop pairs in box never used $4.00 plus postage Sold Inspire 1 ... no use to me [email protected]
  3. P

    normal vs high altitude props?

    Anyone have experience with the high altitude props? Do they reduce battery life or possibly extend it if lighter? are they a different material? Would love to hear some thoughts, Thanks!
  4. Toan Doan

    Any Carbon Fibre 1345T Props?

    I've been looking for a new set of CF 1345T props for my I1 v2 but there seem to be none out there?! There are plenty CF 1345S but not sure why they dont make CF 1345T, unless I've been searching a wrong code...Anyone has any idea? Please help. Thanks
  5. B

    Balancing Props on V2

    I can't find a rod that fits into the new Inspire 1 v2 quick release props. Any thoughts?
  6. D

    Props: 1345, 1345s, 1345T

    I know it's been discussed almost ad nauseum but I just wanted to check in on the latest consensus about the versions of props out there. I have a version D Inspire with the (then standard) 1345s props and related quick release brackets. It's sounding like the little cupped catches on the inside...