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remote control

  1. Droning Community

    DJI Master Wheels Cinematic Control System

    DJI Master Wheels seem to be one of DJI's newest product that debuted to little attention (no attention?) a few months ago. The link shows DJI's prototype of their new "high-end cinematic control system for the Ronin 2, Inspire 2, and upcoming Ronin-S". It gives precision control to camera...
  2. V

    CrystalSky roll back firmware

    I recently updated CS and RC. Now, sometimes, they cannot connect. CS thinks that RC is computer and give me USB message .. I think that firmware of CrystalSky is problem. On DJI forum nothing concrete....obvious, until new firmware, I will have problem.
  3. S

    New DJI Crystalsky mounting bracket

    I have an extra Crystalsky mounting bracket that fits Phantom, Inspire 1, and Inspire 2 remote controllers for sale. It’s new just have an extra one. $55 shipped in USA. Located San Antonio, TX Thanks!
  4. R

    GL658A Remote for Sale

    Hello All, For sale is a GL658A remote $200 USD The remote is not in a box, and shows some cosmetic wear I think from being moved around without being in a box. There are no signs of damage or being dropped. I do not own an Inspire Drone so I cannot fully test. I am willing to ship or meet...
  5. 5280aerials

    Inspire 1 - aircraft with 3510h motors, shell still available

    Parting out an Inspire 1 that's been upgraded with the 3510 h motors. Inspire 1 shell with 3510h motors, Zenmuse 5 mounting plate with vibration pad -excellent condition - $650 Inspire 1 remote controller - excellent condition - $ 275 Power adapter/charger - $35 Original Inspire...
  6. D

    Multiple Slave Remotes

    Trying to connect a 2nd Slave Remote Controller. Anyone know how to do this? It clearly states on the DJI website: "multiple slave controllers supported" although I just spent an hour and a half with a support person on chat at DJI who ultimately decided that multiple slave controllers are not...
  7. M

    Inspire 1 Remote Controls, 512 SSD, TB47 batts, etc. EXCELLENT condition

    I am offering the following lightly-used items for sale: 2 Inspire 1 Remote Controls, one never used, one used less than 10 times - $350 (each) 3 TB47 Batteries, charged and used less than 10 times each - $100 (each) 1 Inspire 1 Battery Charging Hub plus power supply, used less than 10 times -...
  8. J

    Help needed connecting new remote to aircraft

    Hello all, new to the forum and have a question for more practiced hands. Old remote my inspire 1 went bad, usb port was the culprit. Craft was purchased in February of 2015, have never updated the firmware. I have used it pretty infrequently since purchased, with no issues at all. I went...
  9. C

    Inspire 1 for $1200 OBO

    ****SOLD**** Hello - I am selling my Inspire 1 which I purchased from Drones Etc. last year. I live in San Diego, CA so a local buyer is preferred. If you're not local, you must pay for shipping. It's hardly been used; I'd have to check the flight logs but my best guess is that it has around...
  10. K3vin

    I'm Looking for a black edition remote

    Please reply with price.
  11. Phil Case

    The Control of DJI Inspire using SmartGlasses

    Hi to all As you may have read in my ' EMS Drone ' there is use of ' Mind, Voice, Gesture and SmartGlasses '! I have successfully connected DJI Drones with AR SmartGlasses that give both Augmented Reality and Control with the DJI Go App and other Non DJI Apps available for Android. Please don't...