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  1. D

    SOLD - DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter Drone - Aircraft, Transmitter, Batteries, Case

    For sale is a USED Inspire 2 Drone kit. I finally found a Matrice 200 series so I can let go of my I2 and M100. Price $1950 USD + $50 USD Fixed Shipping Location: Texas, USA Items included in the sale: - DJI inspire 2 Aircraft - DJI Inspire 2 Transmitter - x2 TB50 Batteries - Battery...
  2. RobAlso

    PRICE REDUCED! Freefly Alta 6 For Sale! Full Package!

    Freefly Alta 6 for sale. Only used a handful of times. No crashes, no scratches, no damage. Package includes: - Alta 6 - Alta 6 Pelican Case - FUTABA T14SG Controller - SeCraft TX-Tray for T14SG - (10)10Ah Flight Packs (Drone Batteries) - eFuel 1200W/50A Power Supply (Drone Batteries) -...
  3. M

    Remote/app issue please HELP?

    I have a NVIDIA Shield tablet that isn’t connecting the DJI go app to the remote. Never had a problem over the last 1.5 years. I tried switching chords and that worked and then it didn’t. On top of that, the remote firmware upgrade stopped at 97%, now I have a white light on the transmitter...
  4. Droning Community

    DJI Master Wheels Cinematic Control System

    DJI Master Wheels seem to be one of DJI's newest product that debuted to little attention (no attention?) a few months ago. The link shows DJI's prototype of their new "high-end cinematic control system for the Ronin 2, Inspire 2, and upcoming Ronin-S". It gives precision control to camera...
  5. L

    For Sale: Inspire 1 T600 complete $1,100 USD + shipping

    Saint Charles, Missouri area (USA) Firm pricing of $1,100 + shipping for everything listed below. I will also accept $850 for all items listed, minus the X3 camera and filters. I am selling my DJI Inspire 1 drone that I bought new February 2016. It flys great and has approximately 45 flight...
  6. R

    GL658A Remote for Sale

    Hello All, For sale is a GL658A remote $200 USD The remote is not in a box, and shows some cosmetic wear I think from being moved around without being in a box. There are no signs of damage or being dropped. I do not own an Inspire Drone so I cannot fully test. I am willing to ship or meet...
  7. K

    Dual Master Controller Hoping

    Here's a bit of a left-field question (on the assumption that from memory two controllers can be paired/bound to a single aircraft but not literally connected to the aircraft at the same time): Can you hop between two independently located remotes to regain control of an aircraft when one loses...
  8. Tecnocato

    No-Aircraft/No-Handle OSMO/X3 remote camera

    I want to put together a non-aerial remote camera based on the OSMO/X3. I have identified most of the parts but are stuck on the gimbal GCU when not using an aircraft or the handle. I can get the camera, the camera base and lightbridge but do not know which GCU will work with the OSMO/X3 without...
  9. K3vin

    DJI inspire 1 parts for sale

    Lightbridge $280 Remote controller $280 Centre frame $220 Carbon fibre upper arm $70 Carbon fibre lower arm $150 Motherboard $80 Landing gear $40 each
  10. S

    Inspire 1 - Problem! Remote? , Drone?!

    Hi, i have a big problem my inspire 1! I can't fly my drone, connect to dji go etc.... Inspire 1 drone - light yellow, Remote inspire 1 - light green. I can only move a gimbal (camera) - up and down, left, right and record video. I can't connect to my app (android) Dji Go! - i have...
  11. YeeaaBoii

    New Inspire 1 Controller

    SOLD. Hey guys, I have a brand new Inspire 1 Remote for sale. The model number is GL658B. It is in the original packaging and has never been opened. Asking $350 with free shipping. Here is my eBay link: DJI Inspire 1 Remote I will accept PayPal or Venmo payment only. If you choose to use...
  12. AlexanderAF

    Inspire 1 Crashed

    It's a sad day for me. After a year and over 200 flights, my Inspire 1 finally bit the dust. I flew it in the mountains and went behind a peak. It lost signal, turned around, and went right into the peak trying to return to its owner. I've listed the Inspire 1 for parts here: DJI Inspire 1 For...
  13. Augermeister

    SOLD - NEW DJI INSPIRE 1 Remote Controller & Mobile Device Holder - N.I.B.

    SOLD - Currently available on eBay for $365.00!!! (+ shipping) BRAND NEW in box Inspire 1 Lightbridge controller (GL658B) and device holder. Box opened only to verify contents and charge level indication (which checked out). I've got an Inspire for personal use and really don't need the second...
  14. W

    [SOLD] DJI Inspire 1 controller

    I have an extra DJI Inspire 1 controller that's no longer in use. It works perfectly although there are a few scuffs and small scratches on it if inspected closely. I'm looking for $330.00 (Shipped via USPS), must have a verified PayPal account. Controller is ready to ship within 24hrs of payment.
  15. U

    NEW 7" 720p Remote Controller

    Just completed a 'survey' from DJi research, seems as though they are looking to add a 7" 720p touch display to the remote to include the GO.app. So I guess an Android 7" tablet... But it will be built in. They wanted to know if I'd but one for an extra €540.00.... HAHA Shame I couldn't...
  16. I

    Inspire 1 Remote / Almost new / £299

    yes, excellent condition, not used too much remote controller for the Inspire 1. £299 pounds, call julian 07942684494 ...London UK based
  17. Sewon Son

    Selling a new Inspire 1 remote

    My inspire was crashed and sent the i1, remote, and the batt. DJI replaced whole thing with a new unit. I originally bought a dual system and never really used the second one. Now I got a new controller from DJI and want to sell this. Still wrapped in the plastic. Received on 9/4/15 from DJI...