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signal loss

  1. johnarooo

    Cendence Controller Signal Distance / Issues

    Hey All, Writing today with my latest I2 issues - this time it’s about the Cendence Controller. I’ve been rocking the standard controller up until now, and decided to upgrade to the Cendence for an upcoming job that required client monitoring. I thought the SDI was a great feature, and read...
  2. I

    Inspire 1 Pro X5R Past Firmware Files (Rollback from v1.11)

    Ever since updating my Inspire 1 Raw firmware this summer, I've been experiencing lots of live video feed issues with my Inspire 1 Pro X5R. According to the youtube tests below, Firmware v1.8 & v1.9 provide the most stable video feed and best range. My Inspire 1 Pro currently has version v1.11...
  3. P

    Unexplainable Image Transmission Issues

    I say 'unexplainable' in the hope that someone will actually explain a possible cause for this issue I have been fighting for months... Searching various forums, never finding a fault quite like what I am experiencing (I could be looking in the wrong places). I have an inspire with dual...
  4. J

    Disappointed with DJI inspire please help thanks

    So have had the DJI inspire pro x5 for about 2 months. I have never been able to fly more than 100 meters away without losing video signal. Even at hole the video starts cutting out and bottom of iPad turning green. Flying on a wide open golf course with nothing around. Under the HD menu If I...
  5. Warchild

    Disconnected and she came back!

    Well it happened...and it scared the sh*t out of me. Today was beautiful, sunny, with a slight breeze. I was up about 280 ft. and a little under 2000 ft away. Line of sight was good but I would go any further. Then, without warning, the connection was lost, screen went black and I was like...