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  1. Slim Laney

    DJI Inspire 1, 2x TB47 Batteries for sale, UK based

    I am selling two TB47 Batteries. Details are as follows: - genuine DJI batteries - Used and in immaculate condition - Battery No.1 only 47 times charged. Battery No.2 only 31 times charged (see photos taken from DJI App for full data) The Batteries can be collected or I can send by courier at...
  2. CoreySnipes

    HeliEngadin / KopterMax Battery Kickstarter

    The Swiss company "HeliEngadin" that rehabs TB47 and TB48 batteries for the Inspire 1 is running a kickstarter to help them automate their cell production process. The kickstarter ends on November 20th, so if you're thinking about supporting them please do so ASAP. I'm pledging right after I...
  3. M

    FS in NYC: Huge Inspire 1 Production Kit (Drone, 2 remotes, 4 TB47 batteries, Osmo, Follow Focus, etc, X3 camera, 12mm and 25mm Lenses)

    Up for sale is my Inspire 1 kit. Used it a lot but then lost focus in the drone world. Haven't turned it on in years but it worked flawlessly last time I used it. Used the kit mostly in Osmo form with the X5 and it served me very very well. The follow focus really made this a mighty piece of...
  4. jamesbastable

    SOLD SOLD SOLD 5x DJI I1 Batteries TB47 & TB48 UK

    DJI Batteries for sale, always stored at 50% charge. SOLD SOLD SOLD Would like to sell them all in one go but will split them up also. Excellent physical condition no damage and no swelling. Postage to the UK only included BAC's payment preferred. BAT NUM 3 TB48 £100 Total CAP 4598mAH...
  5. S

    Where can I find I1 batteries???

    Hi guys. Does anyone know where I can find some Inspire 1 batteries. Im in Australia, I've tried searching the web for I1 batteries and they are all out of stock on all online stores. I know that the I1 is no longer in production of DJI, but the fact that I can't even buy a battery for the...
  6. adwb

    Scrap battery wanted

    If you are in the U.K. I am looking for a scrap 47 or 48 battery to test out a way of coming up with replacement units at a reasonable price. Please pm me if you can assist Thanks
  7. F

    DJI Inspire 1 batteries

    Three lightly used DJI Inspire 1 TB47 batteries. Don't remember exact charge cycle counts, but was somewhere in the the 20's, I think. Inspire 1 was re-homed and new owner didn't want extra batteries. US funds. Asking $75 each obo, free shipping to all 50 states. Paypal, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, gold...
  8. Kopterguy

    Matrice Battery Case

    Dji Matrice 600 Battery Travel Case for sale. Like new condition, holds 18 Inspire 1 or M600 Batteries and 2 Hex Chargers. Shipping continental USA only. PayPal preferred. Beaumont, TX 77706. $225.00 plus shipping.
  9. T

    Inspire 1 Pro X5 + OSMO $2000 LA

    INSPIRE 1 PRO ZENMUSE X5 3 TB47 Intelligent Flight Battery (4500mAh) 2 Dual Controllers 6 Propellers Battery Charging Hub Battery Heater Remote Controller Strap Remote Controller Monitor Hood for Tablets Plastic Suitcase (With Inner Container) Case (Broken Zipper) OSMO 5 Intelligent...
  10. zpdana24

    WTB TB48/47 batteries

    I'm looking for a couple of batteries from respected Inspire pilots be it TB48's or 47's. Thanks y'all!
  11. Matt McGowan

    WTB : Inspire 1 TB48s

    Looking for Inspire 1 batteries, 2-3 TB48's with low cycle count.
  12. G

    Dji Inspire X5R trade for Inspire 2 X4S

    Hi guys, I have an Inspire 1 with X5R, I would be open to offers, or a straight swap for Inspire 2 with X4S camera. The kit included is listed below: Dji Inspire 1 X5R camera 2 x 512GB cards, Card reader for computer 2 TB 47 Batteries Smart charger Multi charger 2 sets of props 2 x...
  13. D

    Looking for new cells for TB47 battery

    I am trying to find new cells to replace the ones in a TB47 battery. I know that the individual cells have a voltage of 3.7V and individual mAH of 2250. From what I can find the battery has a C rating of 10 which gives it a discharge amperage of 45 so 22.5 amps per cell. the dimensions of the...
  14. Asomaro

    WANTED (UK): 2 x Inspire 1 TB47 batteries

    Anyone offloading a couple of Inspire 1 TB47 batteries in the United Kingdom? I'm looking for some that have low usage and that are in great condition. PM me if you have something Cheers
  15. B

    I1 turns on automatically when installing TB48

    It shows a full charge. Battery is about a month old and only a few flights. the problem is that the second the connection is made inserting it the ac turns on automatically and no lights turn on on the battery. I can " double tap" the battery and it light up like normal but the ac is already...
  16. T

    Charging Hub

    DJI charging hub for TB47 & TB48. 12 months old, excellent condition, surplus to requirements. UK only please. £45.00 including postage. This item does not include the standard charging lead.
  17. I

    Dead/Bricked TB47

    Anyone have a dead/bricked TB47 Battery? I need the control board from under the top cover because my power button broke and that's the only way I can repair it. Thanks!
  18. W

    DJI TB48 & TB47 Batteries - Very Low Cycles

    I have three TB48 batteries for sale with very low cycles. Cycles are 4, 7, & 9 I also have three TB47 batteries available - Cycles are 1, 2 & 11 Price is $150 per TB48 battery. Price is $125 per TB47 battery.
  19. P

    Inspire 1 V1 Big Bundle (UK Sale) REDUCED

    Pretty much everything you would need together with an Inspire 1! 1 x Inspire 1 V1 1 x Zenmuse X3 camera (with X5 airframe on so if you in future buy the X5 you can straight away mount it) 1 x Modded Remote controller with mounted bigger antennas or you can put the MaxxUAV Evolite kit plus 1 x...
  20. tbenjaminsen

    Returned DOA TB47 to DJI, after 3 months the replacement has arrived...

    Guess what..? It's dead as well! How the heck can QC at the DJI facilities be so poor that they repeatedly ship dead batteries to customers using (semi) professional equipment? Admittedly, I haven't put the battery in the multi charger, but there is no response when the button is pressed...