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transmission problems

  1. S

    Super weak image transmission for the camera operator controller

    As the title says, I would like to know how to solve that! The transmission and video feed to the aircraft controller(master) is always perfect, but the video feed to the camera controller (slave) is terrible, lags a lot, is almost unusable!!! How cam I fix this?
  2. ejohna

    Newbie from Gold Coast Australia

    Hi everyone, John here. I Just bought a new Inspire 1 v2. I also have a 3DRSolo. I love the Solo but had so many video issues and lost signal so I thought I'd go to the Inspire. The Inspire 1 is a beautiful craft but I'm already having weak video transmission issues and signal break up. I...
  3. R

    DJI "lost" my X3 Camera & are now ignoring me.... Complete Joke!

    So, a little background first. I was having some issues with my Inspire 1, constantly loosing video feed even if it was just a couple of meters away from me. A friend had an Inspire 1 as well, we flew them together and he had rock solid connection and mine had a blank screen most of the time &...