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  1. Dave Stanton

    Lake O' the Pines

    Here is the first video I've posted to this forum. My company owns the Inspire 1, I fly it. I don't have my certification yet. I'm studying. So, I flew this just for fun at the largest lake in East Texas. I won't say it's my best flying. I'd never flown over water until this day, two weeks ago...
  2. lake_flyer

    Testing Inspire1 floats for water take off and landings

    My son was a kind of shaky with the smartphone camera. And it was getting dark quickly after the beach finally got deserted by the sunbathers. But it gives a good idea of how it floats and flies. Quite good. But honestly, I would want a slightly wider diameter float for more buoyancy, when the...
  3. J

    Flying Over Water

    I'm looking for more technical guidelines, considerations, when flying over water. I flew 70 Meters above a big lake once but what about 10 meters? Is still water or still clear water a concern in comparison to rippled wavy water? I'm tempted to switch the ground positioning camera off under...
  4. I

    Norfolk Wherry Trip with DJI Inspire 1 PRO

    Aerial Drone/UAV 4K images for trip on Albion Wherry Boat on the Norfolk Broads. Amazing old working Wherry on the beautiful Norfolk Broads. Shot with The DJI Inspire 1 PRO, 15mm Lens. Check out the Wherry Here: Norfolk Wherry Trust - Home Of the Wherry Albion
  5. snowy white

    Cardiff Bay Wales UK

    Just a quick flight around Cardiff Bay, Norwegian church, millennium centre and Welsh assembly and the Dr Who Experience.
  6. snowy white

    Barry Island Harbour UK

    Quick flight over Barry Island Harbour UK to try out some camera settings.
  7. C

    SOLD - DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 - Water damaged

    I flew my Inspire1 Version 2.0 this weekend over a small lake at a park and accidently hit a tree branch that was sticking out of land. It got caught on there and dropped into water. The craft stills turn on and connect to the remote. The GPS still works and locate my current location and no...
  8. T


  9. Soflms

    For the guys/girls that fly over water

    I'm ordering a few of these... People use the getterback, but for around the same price I don't see how this wouldn't be a far superior product. I am NOT affiliated with this company. I've also heard some of the getterbacks dont ever pop, not trying to bash the product, just informing everyone...