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  1. F

    Litchi Waypoint Stopped, Loss of 18 Satellites for Fraction of a second

    Hi, I've been flying the same short Litchi waypoint mission for the past 2 weeks with no problems. Today was a little different. On the return leg the drone just stopped in mid air, luckily it was in sight and I could manually fly it back. Looking at the log on Airdata it looks like the...
  2. ReesAerials

    Waypoint Mode

    I remember seeing a video that detailed the Inspire 2's waypoint mode. Specifically of interest to me was the ability to program a thorough flight from the ground and then go fly it. Is there anyone in the know about when DJI is going to enable this feature on our DJI Go 4 app? It is...
  3. Raymondo

    No Pause in Waypoint mode?

    Using Waypoint mode in DJI GO app. Can input plot points and fly the mission, but there is no PAUSE button on screen, as is shown in a number of tutorials. I am flying an Inspire Pro with latest firmware and DJI GO updates.
  4. K

    Which autonomous flight app is best for Matrice 100?

    I want to use our Matrices, one with X5 and the other with Flir VuePro, to make orthomosaic maps. To do so, I need to autonomously fly waypoint "lawnmower" patterns. I'm trying to figure out which of the autonomous flight programs out there would be EASIEST and BEST SUITED for this mission...
  5. dev_willis

    How to use Map View in GO app?

    Hi! I would like to set a point in map view and have the camera always look at that point. Is it possible? I would also like to set waypoints in map view. Is that possible? TIA! Dave
  6. Terry Power

    Setting waypoints for use with two different drones?

    I have a Phantom 4 and will have my Inspire Pro delivered this week (feels like Christmas Eve). If I set the waypoints on a controller for a certain route with the Phantom, will the route be available for me to fly when I hook up the Inspire to it? I'm looking to do the setup with the Phantom...
  7. FPV Camera

    Mission Planner (FPV Camera – iOS Waypoints App) Beta Testing

    We have been conducting a private beta testing of Mission Planner in the past 3 weeks. We are about to start a small scale (round one) public beta testing, targeting 50 beta testers on iPad. If you are interested to join, please sign up at Beta Registration Form. We expect beta testers willing...
  8. H

    Intelligent Navigation Modes

    So I have the new firmware installed without a hitch and the DJI GO App also did its update and I can not find anywhere in the app that has any of these icons shown in the overview. Can anyone clue me in to what I am missing? The Era of Intelligent Flight is Now | DJI