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x3 camera

  1. D

    2 broken X3 gimbal/cameras

    I have 2 non-operational X3 gimbals for sale. One has a gimbal that broke because of a crash: the cabling is broken. The second X3 apparently was sunk in water and the seller from whom I bought it didn't disclose that. So, I suppose it is possible to make a complete one out of the 2. Shoot me an...
  2. M

    Looking for a 2nd hand X3 Camera in South Africa

    Hey, So they broke into my place recently, and stole my camera, looking for anybody in SA who might be selling one 2nd hand as I don't want to buy a brand new one.
  3. J

    Firmware question for change to X5

    I have finally ordered the X5 package. I am on latest 1.05.30 firmware. What do I need to do to accomodate the new camera and still be able to use X3 as backup?
  4. druiser

    Inspire 1 ND filter set by Renaat (Aileen Studio) 4 filters *SOLD*

    Selling 4 ND filters by Renaat. These were originally $84 new, I used them for less than 1 month. 37mm filter (fits Inspire 1 and OSMO) ND8, ND16, ND32, ND64 All in excellent condition! $50 shipped in the US. Shipping via USPS Priority Mail. Paypal Only. International pays more for shipping...
  5. druiser

    DJI X3 camera + 32gb SD + Gimbal Mounting Plate = $375

    Upgraded to the X5. Selling my X3 and accessories. Used for less than 1 month on the Inspire. All items are in excellent condition, no flaws. The camera works flawlessly. I take great care and protection of my photo gear. Items included DJI X3 camera + storage case DJI ND filter, UV filter 2 x...
  6. M

    Interlacing issues

    I'm shooting on the X3 and experiencing some bad issues when submitting for broadcast. This video is typical: Check out the shocking strobing on the sharp lines (and there's also some really bad moire on the rooftop) Original is shot 25p with 0 sharpening. I'm not certain of the workflow in...
  7. J

    X3 Yaw Servo Tough To Turn....Gimbal Overload Warning

    Anyone ever ran into a tough to turn X3 yaw on their gimbal?? Mine does not seem to be loose even at still state. It loosens up if you spin it back and forth manually for a few seconds but then stiffens back up again. It makes then video and photos very shaky and unusable while flying. Now I get...
  8. W

    Matrice 100, X3 and onboard computer

    Hi all, I'm a PhD researcher looking to perform computer vision tasks onboard a UAV. I've considered multiple options and the matrice 100 appears to be the best choice (integration with ROS, payload capabilities, multiple batteries, etc.). I'm looking to run some computer vision algorithms...
  9. Flewent

    WTB X3 gimbal camera shell (white part)

    I am looking to buy a crashed X3 gimbal or just the white X3 gimbal camera shell. My main goal is to track down one of those and unlike the rest of the replacement parts DJI is selling they do not sell this just yet. I have not attempted to contact them to see if they would entertain that idea...
  10. Tim

    Settings for filming white sails on dark water

    Hi all, I've been trying to get a good video image with the X3 while filming boats at my local sailing club. I'm attempting to get a nice colour and exposure range throughout. Either the white sails are blown-out or the water too dark. The clouds are blown-out too or the green hills are...