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x3 camera

  1. F

    Inspire 1 dual oper and a single oper

    I am selling my Inspire 1 dual controller model. It has every thing It is 1 year old and has less than 5 hours on it. Got it when I crashed my first inspire and sent it to DJI who replaced it instead of fixing it. Repair cost was too high. Second is my single operator inspire one. It too has...
  2. M

    Zenmuse x3 Sor motor overload

    hello all I have a zenmuse x3 camera for spares or repairs it has live video feed but uppon doing the dance it goes limp with motor overload but still has video feed. I had it as a spare for my inspire that I sold so no longer needed I'm in the cheshire area (UK) and you are more then welcome to...
  3. C

    X3 fixed zoom lens

    For inspection purposes I am looking for a zoom lens to replace the stock one in my X3. If we forget the balancing problem (please do), what specs do I need to look for? I need a 16 mm or 20 mm lens with M12 thread. I read that I need to look for a IR cut lens, but looking on aliexpress I get...
  4. Spheric

    Weird SD card (or X3?) malfunction

    I've been dealing with the weirdest problem during past week and half. I use two 64gb cards for my X3 - a SanDisk Ultra and an ADATA Premier. Both had worked file recording 4K video for the 3-4 weeks I have had them. That is until last week when first my X3 started sporadically stopping...
  5. jon b

    Haven't flown in ages.

    Sad but true. Just recently sold an S800 ariel package and while I dug that out, I decided to grab an inspire and get it ready to shoot the harbor. Inspire V1 does a great job. The batteries however... 4 out of 5 dead in the case after 6 months hibernation.
  6. P

    Inspire 1 V1 Big Bundle (UK Sale) REDUCED

    Pretty much everything you would need together with an Inspire 1! 1 x Inspire 1 V1 1 x Zenmuse X3 camera (with X5 airframe on so if you in future buy the X5 you can straight away mount it) 1 x Modded Remote controller with mounted bigger antennas or you can put the MaxxUAV Evolite kit plus 1 x...
  7. D

    DJI Inspire 1 x3 Camera Issue

    Hi all, I recently got back from a trip to North Conway and took some beautiful photos and video only to find out that my RAW images were all shot at 960x540 resolution? Ive never had this issue and shoot manually to create full size 4000x2000 images. Any help is appreciated
  8. C

    convert X3 camera to NDVI

    Hello fellow Inspire fans, I am going to convert my X3 to NDVI specs. I read all the pros and cons, it's not perfect I know. Some offer NIR+red lenses, others offer NIR+blue. I guess they'll both work. But what I can't understand is the following: If I replace the original lens with a lens...
  9. A

    Inspire 1 V2 Pro with LOTS of stuff for sale

    Inspire 1 V.2 3 hours of flight time Dual Controllers X3 Camera X5 Camera 12-42mm Lens 1 TB-47 2 TB-48 Charging Hub 180watt power supply 100 watt power supply 1 set spare props 4 spare part no 34 remote controller cable kit 3 external three battery charger boards 1 set...
  10. World Media

    Camera Dipped in Water ( X3)

    So It was inevitable, I fly close to water a lot, I'm always around water and the scenes I am commissioned to film include a lot of water. Filming in a beautiful Location on the South Coast of Jamaica. As a film maker that uses a drone ( have been doing for six years) as an amazing additional...
  11. Felipe Z. Carboni

    Discussion about a post processing and video editing.

    Olá pessoal, gostaria de criar um espaço para os pilotos(as) brasileiros que tem interesse em aprender um pouco mais sobre pós-processamento e edição de vídeo com softwares mais avançados. Este tópico será focado em edição de vídeo com alguns dos principais do mercado: Adobe Premiere CC Pro(CS6)...
  12. Tim

    Long duration video

    Hi all, I have a requirement to continuously film 4k 25fps for 2.5 hours. The OSMO is ideal because it's a pretty bumpy platform but on all my test runs, the video stops after 4 x 10 minute clips. The set-up is a fast 90mps 64Gig SD (formatted through DJI GO) with an old phantom 2 battery...
  13. Paul Carrin

    SOLD Broken Inspire 1 and all accessories for Sale

    SOLD. THANKS FOR THE INTREST. I have an Inspire 1 with broken arms that I'm selling for parts or whole. Also selling all batteries and controllers. I've made a video demonstrating everything and the battery history. I can take or paypal and can ship in the US. Ask for the parts you need and I...
  14. C

    Used Inspire 1, Dual Remote, two batteries - Rockledge, FL

    $2,000 USD (O.B.O.) - will deliver within 50 miles of 32955 Approximately 20 hours of flight time. Excellent condition. Purchased from Atlanta Hobby on 8/17/2015. - one DJU Inspire 1 (with latest FW) - one X3 camera - one camera filter - master remote controller - oneslave remote controllers -...
  15. Ascender

    Discovery Channel drone clips

    Highlight reel of drone work we did for a new reality show called American Tarzan. Catch it Wednesday nights at 10pm EST on the Discovery Channel.
  16. Z

    For Sale: X3 Gimble and Camera (broken ribbon cable)

    I was disassembling my camera to paint the housing and tore one of the ribbon cables inside. Didn't have time to hunt for parts to repair on my own so I bought a new one. Hoping to sell this one. The gimble is still in excellent condition as well as the camera besides the ribbon cable. It's...
  17. FishTales

    Inspire 1 with both X3 and X5 cameras for Sale

    For the last 15 months I’ve been traveling the world with my Inspire 1. I’m a professional photographer/filmmaker specializing in Wildlife and Nature (examples at www.vimeo.com/fishtales). I’ve used the Inspire to film in many scenic locations. I primarily film ground level and Aerials amount...
  18. LuRoyale

    **CHEAP DJI X3 Camera $450 OBO

    We just replaced both of our inspires with X5 camera so thought I would offer these to you guys before we listed them on eBay. Use as an Inspire 1 or OSMO Replacement camera :) IMG_4993 by LuRoyale posted Mar 31, 2016 at 9:17 PM
  19. V

    Looking for flat ribbon cable for X3 camera damaged

    I am looking for a replacement cable for my Inspire X3 camera, can any one help? It seems to be impossible to locate, I see ones available for Phantoms but none for the Inspire. Not keen sending it away for 6 plus weeks.
  20. B

    Witness - Lighthouse Park

    Hi there, this is the second video in my personal project the Witness Series All shot on an inspire 1 w/ Zenmuse x3 D-Log @ 1440p 24fps. I'm hoping to shoot and post one of these a week showcasing various places that many people may not have the opportunity to travel to, giving them a taste of...