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x3 camera

  1. Derik Shean

    Inspire 1 GPC case $200 or BO

    In great shape on the inside. Has a few scratches and dings on the out side but still very solid. I’m looking to get USD$350 for it or the best reasonable offer. US shipping only and of course buyer pays for shipping. Located Brunswick Maine
  2. adwb

    Inspire one with extras for sale

    Inspire 1v2 with 6 batteries one brand new never used two controllers extra 3 port charger original charger 2 sets of blades ,one set brand new lillyput hdmi monitor for second controller x5 camera mount 1 x X3 camera 1 x Z3 camera brand new Nd filter set high intensity strobe lights fitted...
  3. L

    FOR SALE Inspire 1 Kit w/ FPV

    LOS ANGELES, CA Selling an Inspire 1 Kit w/ Zenmuse X3 camera, 2 remotes, 5 batteries, custom FPV camera setup and custom hard Go Professional Case The aircraft has had no crashes. Everything functions like new and is in great condition. Earlier this year I upgraded to an Inspire 2 and my...
  4. F

    **SOLD** Zenmuse X3 (White) for Inspire / Osmo, like new. $299 obo

    DJI Inspire 1 Part 40 Gimbal and Camera Unit # CP.BX.000049 I bought a Z3 and another Inspire 1 V2 backup bird - don't need two X3's. Like new condition. Low hours and always protected with a filter. Includes a polarizing filter. $459 new. $299 or best reasonable offer. Free Priority Mail...
  5. Presman

    Inspire 1 rebuild

    Hey guys. So I have an I1 v2 that's been crashed. So far my list of repairs are (1) prop,(1) vps,(2) landing gears (because I already have one and three are broken),(1) absorbing board(or can it be fixed???those little metal pieces connect to the drone), and then there is the camera. I have the...
  6. Presman

    Need parts or new drone

    I need replacement parts. I need the x5 absorbing board for the camera or (v1 board), 3 landing gears, 1 1345 quick release prop, 1 set of landing gear riser set, 1 vps, and 1 x3 camera. All for Inspire 1 v2 obviously
  7. Presman

    Video transmission problems... Help!!!

    My I1 is having video transmission isues... It's like cutting out
  8. Presman

    WTB Osmo

    looking for an osmo handle for my x3. please reach out to me if you have one. I am doing photography for real estate so if you have anything else for sale and or tips please feel free to share! Thanks!
  9. S

    Selling I1v2 with X3 and Z3 Sensors

    2/27/18 UPDATE: Sold Z3 separately; now selling above line items minus Z3 for below price Less than 1 hour flight time Have used P4P for all of my jobs, wanting to purchase another P4P for backup 3/1/18 UPDATE: $2000 Now $1700 NOW $1400 OBO - Free delivery if in/around metro Atlanta (I’m in...
  10. D

    Wanted to buy ribbon cable for x3

    Hi, I'm looking for the small L shaped ribbon cable that attaches to the camera board at one end and to the the main ribbon cable at the other end. Thanks, Dom
  11. L

    For Sale: Inspire 1 T600 complete $1,100 USD + shipping

    Saint Charles, Missouri area (USA) Firm pricing of $1,100 + shipping for everything listed below. I will also accept $850 for all items listed, minus the X3 camera and filters. I am selling my DJI Inspire 1 drone that I bought new February 2016. It flys great and has approximately 45 flight...
  12. P

    INSPIRE 1 Parts! prices in USD CLOSE

    left and right complete arm assemblies- I have multiples 125$ 7 motors- v1 40$ each or 140$ for 4 I also have several arm tubes the long straight piece the motors actually mount to for sale 80$ compass' etc, lemme know what you need, I'm sure I have it. also, have an x3 involved in a crash for...
  13. B

    Inspire 1 Pro v2 T601 with x3 camera - For Sale

    Inspire 1 Pro v2 model T601 with x3 camera Does not come with x5 camera. Dual Controllers with HDMI out on both. 3 Batteries - 1 TB48 w 18 charges 2 TB47s w 20 and 13 charges 100watt PS DJI multi charger Triple Charger - 3 bats simultaneously 2 sets of props Misc cables and parts Aerial Media...
  14. rdweaver

    IMU & Gyroscope & MC DataErrors

    Hi, I am having trouble with my DJI Inspire 1 with the x3 camera. These are the errors I am getting (with the x3 gimbal off): When I try to re-calibrate the IMU, it gets hung up at 2% and then gives the message System temperate too low (this is done in a room that is around 70degrees F): My...
  15. S

    For sale: DJI Inspire 1 v1.

    For sale: DJI Inspire 1 v1. Owned since new, bought in 2015. 13hrs flight time. X3 camera, 3 x TB47 batteries, 2x spare props, latest QR system for props, 1x transmitter, iPad Mini hood, USB/lightning cable, 2x battery heaters, 1x standard charger, 1x DJI fast charger, ND filter set, 1x landing...
  16. Z

    Fish-eye lens for X3

    Hello, I was curious if anyone knows of a fish-eye lens for the X3 camera. I have a job that I need about 140° FOV and I did not know if that is possible with the X3. I would like to do this without modifying the camera but have been unable to find a way. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  17. calde315

    X3 Gimbal issues/solutions thread

    I didn't see a conglomerate thread where people have posted issues & solutions (to those issues) to common problems that happen to the X3. I know it's now an old camera and most are on X5/X5R/X5s but I would like to have a functioning X3 to complement my X5 camera. The one I currently have...
  18. I

    Advice on Inspire 1 Zenmuse X3 camera settings

    For some reason a clear, even blue sky has a strong gradient from light to very dark blue. This occurs without a filter and also with an 8 filter (so far) on the Zenmuse X3 camera. You can see what I'm talking about in this footage: FYI the sun was not off to the left where the sky looks...
  19. B

    DJI Matrice 100 with Guidance, X3 Camera and Manifold Computer

    I have for sale a DJI Matrice 100 equipped with the DJI Guidance System, X3 4K camera/gimbal and Manifold Computer. This drone is in excellent condition and I'm selling it because I'm upgrading to to a larger drone with the newer Z3 zoom camera. This drone is DJI's developer platform. The...
  20. A

    X3 Camera needed

    Hi, I broke my X3 camera for my Inspire1 v1 and need a new one. Anyone selling a used one that they don't need? Thanks! AC