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a couple of questions

Dec 13, 2013
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Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone has any info regarding the metadata on the stills and video - Will we be able to geotag our photos and video.

Regarding waypoint flying - I know this is possibly down the track. Has anyone come up with a workaround to store maps (on DJI GS) when operating outside of 3G Coverage?


Not sure about the metadata associated with the video/stills, but the draft manual says that telemetry data will be stored. I don't know in what capacity that data will be stored, but it would seem that a time sync from the time the picture/video was taken (or started and stopped in the case of the video) would at least give you your position for the photo/video. That is not an accurate way to do survey type work though.

As far as storing maps outside of 3G coverage, if the Inspire's app is anything like the DJI Ground Station app for the 2.4Ghz Data Downlink, you can cache the maps before your mission. In other words, open the app when connected to WIFi or 3G, navigate the map for where you will be flying, and the app will store that imagery for the actual flight. Hope that made sense.

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Hi Dusty,

Thanks for your help. It sounds like there'll be a way of grabbing the info I need. The beauty of this machine is that the SDK should be released for it allowing us (owners) the ability to make it work the way we need it to.
Thanks also,for the answer regarding the GS.


Hey guys,

How can I access the geotag info? I would like to be able to go back to the same point in different flights. Is there any way to do this either manual or auto?


I know that when recording video, you can enable video caption in the general setup screen. It records a subtitle file with gps info that can be played back in any thing that supports standard subtitles. (VLC does for sure) not sure if this is what you are looking for Or not though...


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