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A couple of sunrise shots from this weekend.

Camera settings for these shots?

I'm interested in knowing the settings used as well!
Hi guys and thank you for the compliments.
1st one 100 iso 1/40sec
2nd one 100 iso 1/25 sec
3rd one 100 iso 1/40 sec
4th one 172 iso 1/120 sec
5th one 153 iso 1/60 sec
6th one 100 iso 1/150 sec
7th one 100 iso 1/310 sec

All were shot in RAW and most shot in 4:3 format.
I applied the lens correction within RAW 8.8 and tweaked the levels slightly to achieve the saturation that I wanted.

Hope this helps. If you need any other info please ask. Oh yeah one last thing I used an app for determining the golden hour time frame. The app is called "The Photographers Ephemeris" available on the app store for ios or play store for android. These shots were all taken just before or just after the sun broke the horizon during sunrise.

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