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Aircraft is behind you...use caution

Jan 20, 2015
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I have updated my firmware on everything successfully. Now when I take off and move forward, I get a prompt on my app that the craft is now behind me and to use caution. I did an IMU calibration and calibrated the compasss as well. I've got the same message yesterday as well. The craft has clearly been in front of me. I get the message as I fly forward, away from my position.

My sensors read:

Mod: 0.00
Mod: 1.01
Mod: 1408.81 (varies)

Any ideas as to why I'm getting this message...I'm flying in GPS mode. Thanks
How far from you is the aircraft? You might have that appear erratically if you're less than 20m away or so because of low precision of pilot location...

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Not sure what you mean by seeing GPS accuracy? Number of satellites? No they are not indicated on the app. I did review the flight and this showed that GPS mode stayed for the entire flight. I did see these messages coming up 3 times when I was clearly moving forward and away from my home point position.
This message came up when I was 233 feet flying away...forward...from my home position...it happened 2 other times...I brought the craft back to my home point, flew away...in front of my position, moving forward...and got the same warning.
not number of sats, the positional error of the GPS, when cold starting can be 8m easily, combine that with another 8m on the RC and you have up to 16m error at the beginning.
It just seems weird to me...I've never had this warning before...I was 233 feet away, moving forward...returned and the over 300 ft away...the warning came again?
Just a thought, but when you take off do you have the aircraft pointing away from you or facing you? I used to take off with the aircraft facing me and got that message frequently. Now I turn it around and have it facing away from me on take-off and haven't gotten the message as often (actually not sure if I have at all recently). I have only flown once since the new firmware update and didn't notice it then . . .
I cant think of any logical reason for this to happen,
if home is set at takeoff, and you fly away, facing away from you, then why should it make the assumption that its behind you?
even with some GPS error at takeoff, you have said it happens at a fairly large distance.

out of interest, are you actually facing the drone when it says it? I wonder if the remote has some way of telling its orientation, like the sensors in the IPAD, I know that on mine they rotate the map. Maybe disabling that would help?
I know...it happened 3 times (the message). I watched the flight/log and confirmed that this message happened. The weather has been crummy since then and have not had a chance to do more flying. Will update as I can.

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